School Board Voter Guide: Gregory D. Baufield

What previous educational experiences do you have? Where did you go to high school and college? What kind of degrees have you obtained?

Graduated from Wayzata in 1975. Attended Augsburg College – Completed majors in Finance and Economics.

What professional experience do you have?

•Board member – International Education Center
•Former board member – Wayzata Public School District (11 years)
•Former head of Wayzata Youth Football (19 years)

During my years on the Board, I served in the positions of Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Director. The board committees I served on were Finance, Superintendent Evaluation, Curriculum, Facilities, and several negotiation teams with the bargaining units. I also helped to create the original Citizens Technology Advisory Group.

I am employed as the Director of Business Development at TIES – an education technology collaborative located in St. Paul. I am in contact with school districts on a daily basis, and I am in school district buildings every day. My days are focused on what the future of education, and more specifically, technology in education, will look like particularly in the areas of Curriculum and Instruction and Operational Systems.

Currently, there are no board members that visit school districts throughout the state of Minnesota on an daily basis. Through my job, I see wonderful things going on in districts around the state that we should be doing here in Wayzata.

What do you see as the greatest strengths in our district?

We have a good school district. It is known statewide as being a district with high performing students and high achieving parents.

Good is the enemy of Great.

We need to move from Good to Great….some of the work we will be doing will be disruptive if we are going to create to proper instruction for 21st Century Learners.

We can wait for change to happen to the district or we can initiate it and lead. I believe we should lead.

What do you see as the most pressing problem in our district?
We need an effective Strategic Plan that will focus on students, their families and the needs of the citizens of Wayzata Independent School District #284.  The plan must focus on what we want the district to look like in 10 or 20 years.

The Board will craft a plan that provides for moving the district’s instruction into the 21st Century.

What specials strengths do you believe you would bring to the School Board?
I have passion for education

I have Perspective – My mother graduated from Wayzata in 1953. I graduated from Wayzata in 1975. Three or our children have now graduated from this district. I understand the history but I know that we must now begin to reform our instructional and operational systems to meet the needs of 21st Century Learners.

I have Balance –The best board representation comes from a balance of talented men and women, from various backgrounds, that have a passion for education. The current board needs more balance.

What do you see as the School Board member’s role and responsibility in the effective administration of schools?
1) Hire and Fire the Superintendent
2) Set policy that will guide the conduct of the district
3) Direct and Approve the District Budget
4) Approve the curriculum as required by state statue
5) Communicate with parents and other interested citizens on ho to work with district staff.
6) Represent community issues to the superintendent

I have performed in the school board role for 11 years….

If elected, what is the first issue you plan to address?
The district needs to begin to move forward.  We have been stuck in “neutral” for several years now.  We must reform the current industrial age education model.

I would like to see the district focused on building a Framework for 21st Century Learning (as outlined by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills) namely:
•Life and Career Skills
•Learning and Innovation Skills
•Information, Media and Technology Skills
•Core Subjects – Rigor

To do this we will need reform in the areas of:
•Standards and Assessments
•Curriculum and Instruction
•Professional Development
•And we will need to reform our learning environments
I short order, I would like to see every student in our district enjoy the benefits of a Personal Learning Plan. Other districts in the metropolitan area have already started to move in this direction.

Anything else you would like to volunteer?
I think that this district needs more men to serve on the school board that have an interest in community service and a particular interest in education.
What is your website address?

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