School Board Voter Guide: Jay Hesby

What previous educational experiences do you have? Where did you go to high school and college? What kind of degrees have you obtained?

Attended Blake High School (class of 1976) and the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management (undergraduate accounting degree in 1981 and finance MBA in 1992). Educational experiences prepared me for successful career in the financial services industry and included both public and private exposure that uniquely shape my perspectives and ability to serve on the Wayzata School Board.
I was fortunate to attend excellent schools and the advantages of that education motivated me to be actively involved in the schools as a volunteer when my own children’s K-12 years and long after they all graduated from Wayzata HS. I am used to high standards and high expectations and have always advocated for policies and programs that create opportunities for Wayzata students to excel at the highest levels.

What professional experience do you have?

30 years of business experience in various finance and leadership roles. These experiences enabled me to provide financial, negotiation, and general and organizational management expertise to the district and community, while serving on the school board since 2008, and will continue if I’m re-elected in 2011.

What do you see as the greatest strengths in our district?

Outstanding student achievement, incredible parent and community support, passionate teachers and administrators, and prudent fiscal management. We enjoy positive momentum because of these areas of strength. If re-elected, I will help build upon these strengths and encourage our continuous improvement towards becoming one of the world’s great primary and secondary learning communities.

What do you see as the most pressing problem in our district?
Avoiding complacency, managing capacity (i.e. strong enrollment demand with dynamic resident student and open enrollment flows) and aging facilities, and maintaining best practices in financial management. I will ensure that we adress these problems by recommending that we continue prudent finance management practices (e.g. conservative fund balance, CFAC), strategically invest in facilities/capacity, and remain focused on our core values and mission.
What specials strengths do you believe you would bring to the School Board?
Business experience, finance acumen,  willingness to collaborate, and deep-seated care for the Wayzata area community and schools. I will continue to use these strengths by giving time and energy to our work and expressing myself clearly and openly.

What do you see as the School Board member’s role and responsibility in the effective administration of schools?
Board role is one of governance. It is the board’s responsibility to hire the superintendent (empowering him/her to function as a the district’s chief executive) and set policy and direction so administration can take appropriate actions to accomplish the mission.

If elected, what is the first issue you plan to address?
Prioritize facilities improvements.
Anything else you would like to volunteer?
Our district is currently in great shape. We enjoy unprecedented community support, have outstanding administrators and teachers, are as well positioned financially as any district in the state, and see remakable achievement and college outcomes from our students. My reason for seeking re-election is to build upon our current position of stength and press us forward into a new era of success and achievement at Wayzata Schools!

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