Wayzata District launches 2011-12 school year

The Wayzata School District started the school year today, and with the new year come changes in staff, technology, and population.
The school district’s demographer projected as of August 2nd that enrollment is going to reach a high this year with 10,367 kids in the district. According to School Board Director John Moroz, the school district will not necessarily stay at the projected numbers because of continual variation in enrollment.
While projected enrollment is not definite, Moroz said “if in fact projections hold, we will have more kids.” In 2001-02, the district projected 9,420 students for 2011, less compared to the current projections. In 2001, the district expected to lose more students than they would gain by 2011, but “we are at capacity,” said Moroz.
The 9th grade class for the 2011-12 school year is the biggest class in the High School at 843 students, but the class is not expected to graduate at that size. Enrollment is likely to decrease due to students leaving the district.
“Some schools are exploding,” said Moroz. “Others have room, particularly in elementary schools.”
Increasing population aside, the Wayzata District launched its new website on August 8th. The new website is intended to make communication and access easier for parents.
The biggest staff change this year was the change in Birchview Elementary’s principal. Principal Jason Wenschlag took over this year after being Richfield Public School District administrator.
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