Gordy Engel honored with Crime Prevention Award

Night to Unite Luncheon culminates with Jim Fish Award presentation to Gordy Engel

Gordy Engel accepts the Jim Fish Crime Prevention Award from Mark Scheidhauer and McGruff the crime fighting dog. Photo Dan Gustafson.

Gordy Engel was was selected as the Jim Fish Award recipient for 2011 at the annual Wayzata Crime Prevention Night to Unite luncheon on Tuesday August 3rd. Engel is the owner of The Foursome clothing and shoe store with longtime Wayzata roots.

Engel and his wife Nancy have been Wayzata Block Captains for over twenty years, and in 1981 he helped to establish a call-a-round list for businesses to current criminal information.  Engel also served on the Board of Directors for the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition, and served as president for two years.

Gordy indicated this morning, “The Jim Fish award is tribute to a dedicated community volunteer and friend with whom I had the privilege to serve with during the establishment of the Wayzata Crime Prevention Coalition, 30 years ago. To receive this award and join the list of hardworking Fish Award recipients who have continued the fight against crime in our community is a humble honor.”

The Night to Unite luncheon was held at the Wayzata Country Club in conjunction with both the Wayzata Rotary and the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce.

Dignataries attending the luncheon included: Wayzata Mayor Ken Willcox, Councilman Jack Amdal, Councilwoman Mary Bader, Councilman Andrew Mullen, and Councilman Tom Tanner.  Also in attendance were Long Lake Mayor Tim Hultmann, State Senator Gen Olson, State Representative Connie Doepke, and John Bessler husband of Senator Amy Klobuchar.

Guests also included Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety Mona Dohman, Minnesota Assistant Commissioner of Public Safety Mark Dunaski, Minnetonka Police Chief Mark Raquet, Medina Police Chief Ed Belland, Oronon Police Chief Correy Farniok, West Hennepin Public Safety Chief Ray McCoy, Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek, and Wayzata Fire Chief Kevin Klapprich in addition to six Wayzata Police Officers and 10 Wayzata Firefighters.

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