Council Weighs Major Funding Policy Shift

Mayor Ken Wilcox indicated via a telephone interview Friday that the Wayzata City Council is contemplating a major funding policy shift, “We’re probably going to have to wind up considering things like assessing routine maintenance and road maintenance.”

The projected budget shortfall  for the next ten years is in the neighborhood of roughly five million dollars.

Even though new policy has not been enacted, it was on the table at the recent Council Budget meeting, according to the Mayor. “We need to get our ducks in line. We’re laying out a budget, we’re laying out our tax levy… All of those elements will come into play as we do that. We’re trying to get ahead of the schedule too,” said Wilcox.

The policy decision will be discussed in coming meetings of the Council, and is related to the request from citizens to include medians for the Wayzata Boulevard reconstruction project which is currently on hold.

Stay tuned to, your assessments to fund road construction are on the table in Wayzata leader.

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