Another fox in the old Holdridge neighborhood reader and neighbor Guy Grafius sent over these photos of a different fox with this note:

I saw your photo of the fox that I had seen in the neighborhood the past few weeks. Just now I heard an odd animal noise looked out my front window and there were TWO foxes on my front steps. By the time I grabbed my camera they had moved to the back yard and I only got a photo of the mangy looking one. Hopefully they are eating those nasty red squirrels in my yard and a few of the loud crows.

Fox on the deck. Photo by Guy Grafius.

Fox on the move. Note the lack of hair! Photo by Guy Grafius.

Fox sitting down. Photo by Guy Grafius.
Thanks for sending these over Guy! If you have photos of any animals in the Wayzata area, send them over as we would love to share them with the community!

Stay tuned to, your Wayzata nature leader!

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  1. I have seen a fox out during the day hunting twice now and also have seen another one across the street from where we live, in eastern Wayzata, not far from lake Minnnetonka, trying to hunt the birds we feed. Unfortunately I have a very old computer system so cannot post any photos but one looks young and healthy and the other on is a little larger and looks very healthy also. Are they supposed to hunt during the day?

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