Photos from Wayzata Volunteer efforts

The Wayzata Volunteers had some great help today from the Wayzata Boy Scouts and the Wayzata Football team.

The Wayzata Boy Scouts and a group of Wayzata Volunteers met at the Wayzata Big Woods to clean up buck-thorn and garlic mustard this morning.  Click here to view the photos from the event: 2011 Garlic Mustard Pull in the Wayzata Big Woods.

Volunteers remove garlic mustard for the Wayzata Big Woods. Photo Dan Gustafson.

50 members of the Wayzata Football team showed up at the Wayzata Boardwalk Apartments this morning as well.  They cleaned up buck-thorn, garlic mustard, and removed a tremendous amount of trees and brush that had accumulated on the property.  Click here to view the photos from the event: Trojans Say Thanks – Wayzata Boardwalk Clean-up.

Photo Dan Gustafson.
The Wayzata Trojans Football Team helped to clean up the Wayzata Boardwalk Apartments this morning. Photo Dan Gustafson.

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