City takes step to designate Bushaway Road Scenic Byway

The Wayzata City Council passed a Comprehensive Plan Text amendment 5-0 designating Bushaway Road as a Scenic Byway.

The move is another step on behalf of the City and the Bushaway Neighborhood Task Force to disrupt and control the Hennepin County plans to rebuild the stretch of road which is also County Road 101. The County plans call for a substantially larger road, with left and right turning lanes, center turning lanes, bike trails, and a substantially larger footprint that may impact property owners in terms of their gates, fences, trees, and the like.

One of the proposals from Hennepin County — in this case a roundabout at Bushaway Road and McGinty. 

The Comp Plan amendment will now go before neighboring jurisdictions for 60 days for review and comment, and then before the Metropolitan Council–who will have 120 days to review, comment and approve the amendment.

“This captures the spirit of Bushway Road, and the message that we are trying to pass along to Hennepin County,” indicated Mayor Ken Willcox.

Nick Peterson, P.E., Project Manager for Hennepin County did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Stay tuned to, your City of Wayzata puts a thumb in the eye of Hennepin County, leader.

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