Wayzata volunteer program motivates Boardwalk residents to volunteer

Seniors living at Wayzata’s Boardwalk Apartments have been beneficiaries of the City’s new volunteer program initiated last year to continue services that were cut from the City budget due to the impact of the economy.

Now some of those same seniors have elected to become volunteers themselves.

Liz Erstad-Hicks, Community Engagement Coordinator for Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners discusses volunteer opportunities with Kay Schneider, “Boardwalk Volunteer Fair” Chairperson and Frances Von Wiegandt, a Boardwalk resident.

Earlier this month, led by fellow resident, Kay Schneider, they organized their first annual “Boardwalk Volunteer Fair” to showcase local volunteer opportunities available to the residents.

On April 9th, Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners, the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce, Wayzata School District #284 Community Education, the Heritage Preservation Board and the Wayzata Historical Society made presentations at the Fair. At the end of the event, when the sign-up sheets were compiled, a total of 23 residents had signed up for volunteer positions.

Schneider said, “Even though some seniors in our building are less mobile than others, there are many ways in which senior volunteers can give back to their community. This is our way of staying relevant and helping out where our services can make a difference.”

In addition, the Boardwalk residents will adopt their own gardens this year. Resident volunteers will work with management to plant and maintain their own flower and vegetable container gardens on the premises.

Lynn McCarthy, volunteer coordinator for the City of Wayzata noted, “There is no greater measure of a volunteer program than when the recipients of the efforts are motivated and energized to become volunteers themselves. The community welcomes and appreciates the time and talents of the Boardwalk seniors.”

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