Wayzata Cotillion celebrates 17 years

Program teaches valuable life skills; classes are Sunday April 10, 2011

Children can attend Cotillion at the Wayzata Country Club.

Jon D. Williams Cotillions teach far more than the foxtrot. Now the Denver-based company is celebrating sense and civility for the 17th year in the Wayzata community through classes offered at the Wayzata Country Club. Today, with a rapidly growing number of displays of insolence and incivility, good manners seem to be losing ground.

“We are influenced by individuals who have high-profile positions, those who quite often exhibit bad behavior,” says company president Jon Williams. “For our children, our heroes should set positive examples that demonstrate kindness, respect and consideration.”

Courtesy and respect help students
gain confidence and self worth.

Jon D. Williams Cotillions programs are designed to instruct children in life skills that will help them succeed now, and for the rest of their lives. Students gain a sense of confidence and self worth as they learn the importance of courtesy and respect.

As the Cotillions celebrate 62 years of teaching social skills throughout its history, Jon D. Williams Cotillions estimates that it has instructed more than 250,000 students, from Boston, MA. to Carmel, CA. The company instructs at all age levels, from pre-teen and high school to colleges and corporations.

The cotillion experience continues to evolve beyond mere punch and cookies. Today the company annually updates their curriculum to ensure the highest caliber experience. Innovative activities, up-to-date dances and educated instructors bring new light to the cotillion experience- tools that will last a lifetime. No longer just a luxury for the upper class, JDW donates over $80,000 in cotillion scholarships annually and offers programs for at risk children adhering to a philosophy that social skills are not only for the privileged.

Instruction is for pre-teen to high school, as well as colleges
and corporations.

Child psychologist and parent Janna Briggs says, “Jon D. Williams Cotillion is a first class program all around!  It is the perfect combination of social education, common courtesy, etiquette, character building, and FUN! The instructors represent excellent role models while striving to create an accepting and comfortable atmosphere for kids to grow socially.  Now that all three of my children have participated in the program at different levels, I am a huge supporter. It’s the best investment a parent can make!”

This program is chaired by Mrs. Tricia Davis and Mrs. Liz Jacobson. Together the ladies continue to work hard with local parents to ensure the Wayzata Cotillion remains a pillar of tradition for the community. Classes will begin this Sunday April 10, 2011 at the Wayzata Country Club. Classes are filling up quickly, but space still remains. For more detailed information and registration visit www.cotillion.com.

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For more information or to schedule an interview, please call local contact Tricia Davis at (952)475-0969 or Corporate Representative Annabel Day at Office 303 757-5333, Cell 303-667-0837 or email Annabel@cotillion.com.

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