Crime Alert: Large Sums of Money

There are many scams currently being perpetrated where the victim is promised a relatively large sum of money. These come in the form of mail, email, or phone calls. The common thread to these scams is that the victim is required to send money in advance to get their money released. This should be your red flag indicating it is a scam.

 One of the more recent attempts was a victim being told they were a Publisher’s Clearinghouse winner. She was asked to send a sum of money to pay for the taxes on the winning amount. That was followed up by a phone call from someone claiming to be an officer with the McLeod County Sheriff’s Office who told the victim that it was not a scam. Through technology, scam artists are able to cause local police department numbers to appear on potential victim’s caller ID. The victim did the right thing in this case and contacted the McLeod County Sheriff’s Office and learned it actually was a scam.

Report any suspicious activity to the Wayzata Police Department. Feel free to forward this alert to anyone you think may benefit from it. If you are receiving this alert from a third party and would like to receive future alerts directly from the Wayzata Police Department, simply send an e-mail message to and we will add you to our list.



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