Wayzata Trojans capture third state title in six years

The Wayzata Trojans defeated the Rosemount Irish 31-14 at the Metrodome tonight, earning the team the 2010 Class 5A football championship.

The Trojan triumph marks the team’s third state title since 2005.

“When we won our first, that was special because we were in that group of teams that had won a state title,” head coach Brad Anderson said after the game. “I thought that 2008 proved the first one wasn’t a fluke – it wasn’t just a group of players who went through here, but rather, a program.  Now, having won our third, that means we belong with the better teams in the state.”

Mitch Underhill scored 4 long distance touch
downs in the Class 5A 2010 Prep Bowl;
45, 58, 58, and 65 yards. Photo Grant Hill.

Sophomore running back Mitch Underhill was a key player in the Trojan’s victory, scoring four touchdowns for the team. He also carried the ball 12 times, for a total of 247 yards. His average yards per carry during the game was 20.6.

“Mitch is a very humble person,” Anderson said. “He’ll be the first to give his offensive line credit.  The other thing about him is that he is an unbelievably talented athlete.  He is an incredible downhill skier. We are very fortunate that he is playing football.  He’s got great balance, great determination.  For a guy who isn’t very big, he’s pretty strong, too.  I know he would give his offensive line credit, but he made those runs as well.”

Wayzata’s offense had 10 first downs, 300 rushing yards, and 50 passing yards, for 350 yards of total offense.

Trojan quarterback Sasha Doran went 7-14 for 50 yards passing. Aaron Roth carried seven times for 21 yards, Erik Roti carried three times for 12 yards, Blake Hallenberg went three for 14, and Jeff Borchardt carried two for seven.

Roth had two catches for 14 yards and Underhill had one for nine. Other catches were made by Patrick Nelson (1-9), Zach Muller (1-8), Michael Borillo (1-7), and Tanner Helgren (1–3).

Defensively, Kit Snyder, Ryan Poppitz, and Chris Wipson led the Trojans with six tackles each. Colin Lindquist had five, David Boegel and Jack Vettel each had four, and Scott Siegel and Adam Moench each had three.

The Trojans defense gave up only two touchdowns, 12 first downs, 129 yards rushing, and 60 yards passing, for 189 total offensive yards.

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