NorthCoast has / had largest delinquent sales tax bill in the State

The Star Tribune has an article about NorthCoast continuing to have problems complying with governing bodies. It is not the first time that M.G. and Brenda Kaminski have been in the the news for some financial issues related to NorthCoast.
The Wayzata City Council has almost denied a liquor license over the last couple of years to NorthCoast due to outstanding utility bills. NorthCoast was also on the Posting of Tax Delinquencies – Liquor, Wine and Beer Sales, although appears to be able to purchase and receive liquor at this time. Additionally, another Star Tribune article highlighted the challenges Kaminski was having in February of 2010 with his commercial property portfolio. One of the revelations within the article was the delinquency on the mortgage of the Boatworks Building.
Now it appears that the restaurant is having trouble filing it’s sales tax returns regardless of which Kaminski owns the shares that control the restaurant. Here is an excerpt of the article, as well as a link to the full story.

“Losing a sales tax permit can close the door for good on a retail business. But 11 months after having its permit revoked for failing to pay $345,000 to the state, a Wayzata restaurant is still serving scallops and steaks.

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Wayzata Restaurants

That appears to be possible because NorthCoast restaurant changed hands last fall. The previous owner, Matthew Kaminski, sold the restaurant to Brenda Kaminski, according to a September 2009 city of Wayzata memo. At that time, the legal entity that owns NorthCoast changed from Wayzata Northcoast, LLC, which owes the tax debt, to North Coast Wayzata, LLC.

The restaurant’s name, surf-and-turf specialties and scenic location overlooking Lake Minnetonka are the same. Like the old business, the new ownership has also run afoul of the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Starting last year, the revenue department has taken action against both businesses and Matthew Kaminski to try to collect delinquent sales and withholding taxes related to NorthCoast. The $345,288 tax bill for Wayzata Northcoast is the largest on the state’s list of businesses with revoked sales tax permits, though that amount could be lower because the state doesn’t update its list until the total debt is paid.”

Read the rest of the story here: Still cooking after loss of tax permit |


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