Trolley event raises $1100 for eventual refurbishment of trolley

Members of the Wayzata business community enjoyed cigars and participated in a fundraiser last Thursday to raise money for the upkeep of the Wayzata trolley.

In cooperation with Jeff Lambert and David Lee Funeral Homes, Anchor Bank sponsored the event and raised $1100 for the Chamber of Commerce to sustain the Wayzata Towne Trolley.

“It is our hope that these funds will help sustain the trolley in the Wayzata community and inspire fund-raising by others for this cause,” President of Anchor Bank Mark Lauffenburger said in a letter to the Chamber of Commerce.

President of the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce Peggy Douglas said the Wayzata business community has contributed funds over the years to help sustain the Wayzata Trolley.

Work needs to be done every year, Douglas said, and it is anticipated that a new one will eventually need to be purchased.

Thanks to the following members of the Wayzata business community for helping keep the Wayzata trolley alive: Mark Lauffenburger, Mike Lee, Jeff Lambert, Steve Arendy, Jim Copeland, Denny Peterson, Andrew Mullin, Dan Koch, Pete Ice, Rob Hunt, Steve Droen, Tim Stormoen, John Dwyer, Tom Payne, Chris Graham, Scott Massie, Andy Oare, Judd Frost, Scott Thuleen, Dan Gustafson and Toby LaBelle.

Photo courtesy of the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce.


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