Top 10 reasons Wayzata can afford to build a BMW dealership in a recession

We at noticed Twitter member moccabutterfly’s status “Ok only in Wayzata, Mn during a recession, would BMW be building a new dealership! Geeze!!!”

So here they are, the top 10 reasons Wayzata can afford to build a new BMW dealership in a recession:

10. In Wayzata, a BMW is considered an economy car
9. High school kids won’t be seen in a Ford
8. A Lexus is just a Toyota with a different badge on it
7. Because Hennepin County wrote you a check for $500 million dollars to build your new Major League Baseball stadium
6. Your Bentley got a flat
5. You need better gas mileage than your Hummer gets
4. Your yacht won’t work on the freeway
3. You needed a car to pick up your stimulus check to bail out your multinational bank
2. You only had nine cars in your 10-car garage
1. You got investment advice from Denny Hecker


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