Wayzata High School synchonized swim team wins third consecutive state championship

The Wayzata High School synchronized swim team won its third consecutive state championship May 21 and 22. The team placed first in eight of the 15 events and scored a meet high 125 points.

In addition to the team victory, several individual awards were earned by WHS swimmers including:
Samantha Snidarich – first place in short solo
Ashley Gilles and Riley Mangan – first place in short duet
Ruth Schaefer and Samantha Snidarich – second place in short duet
Natalie Bodin and Audrey Elsner – third place in extended duet
Riley Mangan, Katelyn Osmek and Ruth Schaefer – first place in short trio
Riley Mangan – first place in short figures
Ashley Gilles – second place in short figures
Erica Muncy, Kjirsten Ree and Laurel Streed – first place in long trio
Audrey Elsner – third place in long figures
Kristen Andersen, Natalie Bodin and Hannah Strauss-Albee – first place extended trio
Ali Eull, Katelyn Osmek, Amber Loken, Riley Mangan, Ruth Schaefer, Samantha Snidarich, Erika Weimer, Ashley Gilles – first place in short team
Jenny Caffoe, Mara Halvorson, Katie Kemmitt, Megan He, Rebecca Hunkins, MariBeth Paese, Kathleen Poppendeck – second place in short team
Larissa Borg, Audrey Elsner, Ti Arika Hines, Allison Jahn, Paige Muncy, Mackenzie Neal, Kjirsten Ree, Laurel Streed – first place in long team
Natalie Bodin and Audrey Elsner were named to the all-state team

Team members of the WHS synchronized swim team include the following:
Seniors, Monica Mathews, Erica Muncy and Hannah Strauss-Albee; juniors, Kristen Andersen, Stacy Caprio, Ashley Gilles, TiArika Hines and Allison Jahn; sophomores, Alexandra Alviani, Natalie Bodin, Larissa Borg, Kelly Caprio, Cayla Ebert, Audrey Elsner, Ali Eull, Alese Halvorson, Lindsay Hawkins, Rebecca Hunkins, Katie Kemmitt, Riley Mangan, Mackenzie Neal, Katelyn Osmek, Erika Weimer and Tara Williams; freshman, Jenny Caffoe, Amber Loken, MariBeth Paese, Kathleen Poppendeck, Laurel Streed and Brooke Ylitalo; eighth grade students, Mara Halvorson, Megan He, Paige Muncy, Kjirsten Ree, Ruth Schaefer and Samantha Snidarich.


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