East Neighborhood works together to solve traffic problem

Kate Myers
Wayzata.com Editor

Like the current economy, the agenda for the Wayzata City Council has been slow. But despite a decrease in downtown activity, the council is moving forward with several projects in the East Neighborhood and area around Lake Street.

The East Neighborhood is dealing with traffic issues, specifically speeding cars and what to do about them.

“We’ve tried everything from speed bumps to stop signs to partial turns to police patrols,” said City of Wayzata Mayor Ken Willcox. “Not very much has worked consistently … and we’ve basically concluded that we ought to start trying to cut off some of the access points in and out of that neighborhood.”

As of March 18, the current plan by the City Council to regulate traffic in the East Neighborhood includes a test period, where access to streets in the area will gradually be closed off with temporary barricades, starting with Lake Street E and Circle Drive E. During this time, public safety issues and ease of access will be measured.

Willcox has seen and heard about dealing with the cars and working with neighbors to find a solution. He commented on the process at a recent public forum. “The benefit of a public hearing is, a lot of things are brought up that you had probably never thought about,” Willcox said. “And when you put that many brains together, you can pretty much wrestle an issue to the ground.”

“I think we are headed down the right path,” Willcox added. “There is a lot of neighborhood involvement.”


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