Julian Crowther of Eden Prairie flees Wayzata Police at 100 MPH after DUI Stop

High speed chase from Superior Blvd to Highway 169 concludes with stop sticks, man facing 3rd DWI and felony charges for fleeing an officer.

On Sunday, March 15, Julian A. Crowther of Eden Prairie drove through a stop light at Wayzata Boulevard East and Superior to make a U-Turn. A Wayzata Police officer noticed Crowther’s illegal move, and pulled over the Ifinity Q-45 he was driving at the time.

Once Crowther exited the vehicle, the officer smelled alcohol coming from him, and Crowther admitted to having 4 beers.

After the officer conducted a number of field tests including a portable Breathalyzer registering Crowther at .82 bac, the officer was sitting in the squad car when he noticed the brake lights of the Infinity turn on and then the car sped away. The pursuit lasted until Highway 169, where stop sticks were able to convince Crowther to stop the vehicle.

As of Friday, March 20, Crowther was being held in the Hennepin County Jail. His first court date is scheduled for Thursday, April 9.

A background check on Crowther showed that he has two previous convictions for DWI – the first on June 22, 2005, and the second on Feb. 10, 2006.

Crowther faces up to three years and one day in prison and a $5,000 fine for the fleeing an officer charge and up to one year in prison and a $3,000 fine for the DWI charge.

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