How to subscribe to Email Alerts!

Welcome to Subscribe to Alerts!, here’s how to do it. I’m Dan Gustafson.

First of all you are going to want to find, open a browser, type right into the address bar and you will the website.

Then you are going to look for “Subscribe to via Email” icon, it is right next to the twitter and facebook images. Go ahead and click that.

You are going to get a form asking for your email address, go ahead and enter your email address. Type that red squiggly line of text, and hit “Complete Subscription Request.”

Go over to your email inbox, and look for an email entitled “Activate your Email Subscription to:” You have to click this link, this is a very important part, in order for this thing to go you have to click that link.

Once you do then you’ll start to receive on a daily basis all the latest news and information that happens in the Wayzata Community. Example here: Wayzata State Jazz Dance Championship, Wayzata Girls Hockey 2009, 5th Annual 2009 Wayzata School Gala, etc. etc.

This has been Dan Gustafson showing you how to Subscribe to Alerts! Produced by Any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me personally at 952-473-5200. Thanks for Watching.


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