WAYZATA DANCE TEAM 2009: Pictures and Roster of State Champions!

Mary Helen Iorio emailed Wayzata.com asking for the pictures and roster to be posted from State Champion Dance Team from the High School. So here we go:

The team consist of 23 girls – coached by Leslie Swiggium and Meghan Hutton.
They danced to the song ” BEES”.

You may notice some of the same last names because we have two sets of sisters on the team.

Samantha Kaine*, Vanessa Iorio*, Samantha Cameranesi*, Rachel Caughey, Emily Corken, Katie Hubert, Rachel Chazin, Erika Jarvey, Meg Walters, Melissa O”Hehir

Sara Netherland, Kim Saunders, Rachel Saunders, Haley Weinberg, Haley Faust, Sarah Burge

Abbey Kaine, Hannah Dale, Molly Mohoney, Anne Lindberg

Mariah Champ, Tia Vegemast, Jen Bazzachini

Congratulations Wayzata Dance on your State Championship from Wayzata.com. Additionally, if you missed the Youtube video that was posted earlier, you can catch it here: Wayzata Wins State Jazz Dance Championship

* indicates team captain.

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