WEEKLY ROUNDUP: Wayzata.com’s Top 5 Stories of the week, Feb 9-15, 2009

Another action packed week in Wayzata with a number of new developments in the news. A local bank makes national headlines, another Wayzata team wins a state title, the warm weather makes us take note of the ice conditions around town, and much more. Here we go, the Top 5 Stories of the week for February 9th-15, 2009:

  1. The Wayzata City Council held a special Closed Door Meeting to discuss further the acquisition of the Superior Stop gas station located at 800 Superior Street in Wayzata. It is a key component to the development of the new Wayzata Bay Center.
  2. TCF bank is moving its charter from Wayzata to Sioux Falls, SD. While the executives and the headquarters will remain in Wayzata, the company will be based in South Dakota for legal and tax reasons.
  3. The Wayzata High School Dance Team–“The Trojets” won the state title for their performance of Bees. Watch a Youtube of the action here.
  4. The temperature was above freezing for an extended period of time last week–causing the DNR to issue an Ice Safety Warning and the City of Wayzata to close the Klapprich Ice Rink for the remainder of the season.
  5. The crane in the parking lot of the Wayzata Bay Center indicated what we have been told by the Wayzata Bay Development Co. for a while–test piles will be driven into the ground this week.

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