WAYZATA BAY WINDOW: Communication that will fit your style

From the Wayzata Bay Window, the Officicial Newsletter of the City of Wayzata:

With the many improvements created by the Communications Task Force last ear, Wayzata residents now have a number of different information sources to fit their lifestyle and schedule. In the last year, the City improved the quality and variety of its methods of communications including improvements to the Bay Window and the City’s website. Residents now receive The Portal, a news sheet, with their monthly utility bill, and Wayzata Community Television (WCTV) continues to air City Council and Planning Commission meetings along with other community events.

The Bay Window is published four times a year. It is intended to be a source of information about many aspects of the City from its history to in-depth explanations of the planning process. The newsletter often includes a note from the mayor, upcoming events, and City notices.

The Portal was created to publish City notices, such as spring clean up and other upcoming City events.

The City’s website provides more information about specific topics and departments. Visitors to the site can find all the City notices found in The Portal and the Bay Window. Full copies of newsletters can be opened in PDF format on the site. Minutes from City Council and Planning Commission meetings, as well as documents and ordinances can also be found on the website. Recently, all the City’s ordinances, permit requirements and forms were added to the website.

While broadcasts of Council and Planning Commission meetings are very important aspects of WCTV, other community groups use the cable channel as well. “Welcome Wayzata” a show hosted by Chamber of Commerce President Peggy Douglas and school board member and former City Council-member Greg Rye, highlights events such as the Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners (IOCP) Sleep-out. The Wayzata Historical Society speakers meetings are aired on WCTV, as well. On a regular basis other community events are taped for airing on Wayzata TV.

Finally, the Wayzata News Alert is a new email service offered by the City to all Wayzata residents and business owners that keeps them informed about important events. When you sign up, you will get notices about meetings, workshops, reminders to vote or leaf pickup reminders. To join the program, provide your email address to Sandy by emailing sandy@wayzata.org or by calling 952-404-5302 during regular business hours.

All of these resources make for better communication within the City. Many of these media require volunteer work such as for taping newsworthy events for TV or editing the newsletter and website. If you have questions that are not answered in any of our communi-cation sources or would like to become more involved in City communications, call 952-404-5300, email us at city@wayzata.org or use the oldest communication method on earth, visit.


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