Carl Pohlad, former Wayzata resident, passes away

As was suggested yesterday here at, it has been confirmed that former Wayzata resident Carl Pohlad (1915-2009) has passed away. The Star Tribune is reporting that he died in the presence of his three sons, their wives, many of his grandchildren and caregivers. Services for Pohlad will be held at the Basilica.

Pohlad family maintains diverse business interests – An article that describes the Pohlad’s holdings: Marquette Financial Cos., real estate and investment banking, PepsiAmericans Inc., the 18th largest public company in Minnesota, United Properties, the seventh largest real estate developer in the Cities, the Minnesota Twins, and more.

The Twins Are Not Sharing the Wealth – New York Times reports while most baseball owners supplement the revenue of the team for the benefit of the fans, Pohlad has consistently recognized income from the Twins, spending less than what he takes in. Add on the $500,000,000 Hennepin County kicked in to build the new Twins Stadium, to build a $1,000,000,000 stadium, and you can put 2 and 2 together on your own. He also volunteered to contract the club during a tough stretch for the team by asking other owners to buy him out.

Forbes 400 Richest Americans: #78 Carl Pohlad – Reported net worth, 2.8 billion.

Carl Pohlad Negativity – Details some of the negative aspects of Pohlads business dealings. Includes loan sharking, and his baseball shenanigans.

Carl Pohlad Bio – The Official Carl Pohlad Bio from the Pohlad Family Charities. Banking, Iowa, Family, etc.

Pohlad richest owner in baseball – The Strib points to the Forbes magazine features that highlight that Carl Pohlad was the richest owner in baseball.

Carl Pohlad is three times richer than George Steinbrenner – Article from Minnpost.

In the family: Carl Pohlad’s son says there are no plans to sell – Jim Pohlad is interviewed by USA Today and indicates he has no plans to sell, and that Carl is still involved.


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