TROJAN TRIBUNE: Forged Parking Permits

Written by Erin Antrim

This fall WHS has had an up rise in forged parking permits and students are getting the boot. The motive to save a few bucks really isn’t worth it. All year parking pass costs $125 and a semester pass costs $75. Associate Principal, Jeff Ridlehoover said, “This has happened in the past, and it may take a while for the parking lot attendants to figure out if a permit has been copied but they will find out eventually. I want to give the students ample time to get a permit, and I do not believe towing student’s cars is right. Which is why Principal Trewick had the idea to run an announcement on newsbreak for at least two weeks saying that you will be “booted” if you do not have a parking permit.” Kelsey Merriam (12) was wrongly accused of copying and selling her parking permits to other students. The culprit got a hold of Merriam’s parking permit after her mother purchased the permit and dropped it in the school parking lot. Someone must have picked up Merriam’s permit and decided to make copies of it. Merriam asked for a new permit after realizing it had been lost. Mr. Ridlehoover said, “Kelsey received a new parking permit but it was not updated in the system. So the number registered in the computer was the same as the copied permits.”

Ridlehoover said, “The only punishment put on the students who copied the parking permits was that they had to pay for a boot. I asked the students to tell their friends that the same thing would happen to them if they did not buy a real parking permit.”


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