2008 Year in Review for Wayzata, MN

Wayzata.com usually just does a week in review, but being the end of the year it’s time to put on the thinking caps and dig out the most prevelant and important stories of the year. So here we go, the year 2008 in review for Wayzata.com.

  1. Tom Petters Fraud Case – Local big time businessman has home and business raided by the Feds for an alleged ponzi scheme. Many of his companies and holdings are in receivership and one form of bankruptcy or another.
  2. In a move that promises to effect sweeping change in the downtown area, the Wayzata Bay Center Plan was approved by the City Council as Presbyterian homes presented a Powerfully Pedestrian Environment Highlights Wayzata Bay Center Plans , the deed transfers hands as Presbyterian Homes exercises option on Bay Center, and the Superior Stop gas station owned by Dean Vlahos et al is in the cross hairs of the City as the Wayzata City Council To Consider Acquisition of 800 Superior Boulevard.
  3. Wayzata Football wins Class 5A State Championship and goes undefeated for the season. Read the Season Recap, and or every story on the season.
  4. Mayor Andrew Humphrey decided not to seek re-election, Mary Bader retained her seat on the Council, and new comer Andrew Mullin won a seat on the Council. Wayzata also welcomes Ken Willcox as the new Mayor. Read the election results here: Wayzata City Council Race 2008 Voting Results.
  5. Bacteria Shuts down Wayzata Bay during the summer swimming season for the first time ever.
  6. 14 year old local resident Peter Larson Raises Tens of thousands of dollars in his efforts to assist IOCP raise funds for the Annual Sleep Out.
  7. A woman who was waiting for her boyfriend after a day on Lake Minnetonka was sexually assaulted on Libbs Lake.
  8. Bushaway Road Celebrates 150 years as the Bushaway Neighborhood comes together to identify how the road is to be rebuilt by Hennepin County. Read about the celebration here.
  9. Christopher Karls sentenced to at least 15 years for home invasion and rape, after he was charged with burglary, and he pleads guilty to criminal sexual conduct.
  10. The Three Rivers Park Districts announces that the Dakota Rail Trail is now open.
  11. Jim Ramstad Retires and is honored as 2008 Wayzata Person of the Year by Wayzata Chamber of Commerce
  12. Craig Paul Retires as Principal of Wayzata High School
  13. James J. Hill Days was another smashing success: view the Wayzata Rotary Car Show & Parade Slideshow 2008, check out the video as Westies take over Wayzata, Check out the Daschund Pictures by Minnetonka Felix, See the picture collage parts 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4.
  14. Long awaited Highway 12 bypass reopens in Wayzata, Long Lake, Orono
  15. Horrendous Rollover Crash on 394 in Wayzata caused by a young female driver brushing her hair and texting while driving
  16. Brad Olson, a Social Studies Teacher won $25,000 on “Millionaire”


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