TROJAN TRIBUNE: WHS Student wins Miss Dance Team Minnesota Competition

Written by Jenna Kopp, Trojan Tribune staff writer

Second year Trojet Dance Team captain Vanessa Iorio recently became Miss Dance Team Minnesota 2008.
In 2007 Iorio was the runner-up and this year successfully went for the gold. Iorio competed against eighty girls in grades nine through twelve from morning until dusk on Sunday, October 26th. “There has not been a lot of Wayzata people that have done this, and I really wanted to represent our two-time state champs dance team.” Iorio said. Iorio’s friend Amy Quanbeck won the competition in 2006 and her other friend from Maple Grove, Kia Hill, won last year. After having being in it for a year and having friends in it, Vanessa new what to expect this year. “Last year my modeling was probably my weakest component so I worked hard at it for this year.” Iorio said.
The competition consists of three parts; an interview, modeling, and a solo dance. Contestants started off their day with an interview in a quiet room with fifteen judges. The girls get a minute to think about the question they are asked, then must respond to the judges. “This years question was easier than last years,” Iorio said, “I had to describe my most favorite dance performance compared to last years explanation of why dance team is a sport and how my team represents that.”
The modeling and solo is done in front of the fifteen judges and a large audience. “You model five different dance skills in a shape of a star,” Iorio said, “so they call it a skill star.” Vanessa performed her solo to an a Capella version of I am Every Woman by Whitney Houston. is your Wayzata student wins Miss Dance Team leader.

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