WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Section 5AAAAA Wayzata Trojans defeats Champlin Park 41-15 to win Section Championship


There was unprecedented coverage of the Wayzata Football versus Champlin Park Section 5AAAAA playoff game tonight as the Wayzata Trojans football team won the Section Championship. The game was broadcast on Channel 12 for television, internet radio broadcast on MSBN, as well as covered by KARE 11, the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press, the Sun Sailor, and last but last but not least, Wayzata.com.

#2 Wayzata (10-0) rolled over Champlin Park tonight with tenacious defense and a strong offensive attack. Kevin Potas pictured right and Toby Okeyumi made life tough for Rebel QB Duncan and the Champlin Park offense.


Champlin Park received first, and started their own 21 yard line. Kevin Potas jumped on a fumble by Rebel quarterback Ben Duncan to turn the ball over on the first play of the game.

Wayzata started on the Rebel 20 yard line. Garrett Englehardt carried the ball to the right side for six yards to make it 2nd and 4 on the 14 yard line. A handoff from Trojan QB John Ries to Chris Kroeten gained eight yards to make it first and goal at the 5 yard line. Kevin Knight got the next football carry for Wayzata to gain 1 yard to make it 2nd and goal. Englehardt took another rise handoff and lunged from the 3 yard line to the 1 yard line. A monstrous package for the Trojans provided great blocking for Kevin Knight to walk into the end zone. David Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 7-0 Wayzata with 9:34 left in the first quarter.


Stranghoener kicked off to the Rebel AJ Van Voorhis who returned it 22 yards to the 33 yard line. CP QB Duncan ran another keeper for a yard as he was tackled by David Boegel. Brandon Marquardt ran for a couple of yards and was tackled by Trojan defender Grant Olson to make it 3rd and 7. Duncan scambled to his right and dumped it to Jon Manke for 9 yards. Marquardt took another handoff for a couple of yards and was tackled by Grant Olson. Duncan threw a screen pass to Jake Hernandez who was tackled by Kevin Potas. Ben Duncan fumbled the ball again and fell on it to lose two to make it 3rd and 9. Duncan threw a slant to Jon Manke who was tackled by a host of Trojans to make it 4th and 1. A handoff to Marquardt was greeted initially by AJ Tarpley who received help from a legion of Trojan defenders.

Wayzata took over on their own 37 yard line, as Ries threw a quick out to Fritz Rock for a gain of 7. A Ries handoff to a galloping Garrett Englehardt gained a bunch of yards to the 44 yard line of the Rebels. Kevin Knight gained 3 yards on the next Wayzata running play. An offside penalty on the Rebels made it 2nd and 2. A handoff to Englehardt netted another crucial 5 yards and a Wayzata 1st down. Ries scrambled to his left and missed Cecil Doe. A screen pass to Kroeten from Ries gained 9 yards. Garrett Englehardt was explosive as he burst through the CP defensive line to make it 1st and 5 at the CP 5 yard line. Englehardt again dove to the left and gained 4 yards to make it 2nd and goal at the 1 yard line. Kevin Knight drove the football into the end zone to make score the football touchdown. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 14-0 with 1:39 remaining in the 1st quarter.

Champlin Park started their next drive at their own 32 yard line. Ben Duncan took the snap on the option to gain 8 yards before he was brought down by AJ Tarpley and David Boegel to make it 2nd and 3 for the Rebels. A carry by Marquardt lost 1 yard to make it 3rd and 3. Duncan tried to get it to his wide receiver Alex Sheinost, but missed the mark as Chris Meyers. The Rebel punt to Trojan Daryl Brown gave the football to Wayzata at their own 26 yard line.


Matt Tarpley started under center and rolled to his left to pick up 24 yards on the bootleg to advance the football to the 50 yard line. John Ries came as Tarpley was a little dinged up on the play. Garrett Englehardt sprang to his left and gained 40 yards down the left sideline to make it 1st and goal at the Rebel 10 yard line. A Ries pass to Fritz Rock in the flat gained 6 yards. Ries handed off the ball to Chris Kroeten who was met immediately and tackled for a loss of 1 by a host of Rebels. Champlin Park’s Jon Westmark sacked John Ries for a loss of 9 to make it 4th down. Stranghoener’s field goal attempt was wide right.

Champlin Park took over on their own 20 yard line. Duncan handed off to Moses Chea who was tackled by AJ Tarpley after a gain of 4 yards. Duncan kept the ball and was tackled for no gain by Robbie Hefflin. A slant attempt from Duncan to Namahn Garsini fell incomplete to bring on the Rebel punt team.

Wayzata started with the football at their own 45 yard line. John Ries through a nice pass to Nolan Odland for a gain of 6 yards. Chris Kroeten broke off a nice 6 yard run to pick up another Wayzata 1st down. QB John Ries tried to get it down the field to Cecil Doe but failed to connect to make it 2nd and 10. Kroeten gained 4 the tough way up the middle. Ries tried to hit Nolan Odland to his left and over through his receiver just a touch. This brought on the Trojan punt unit.

Champlin Park took over on their 24 yard line. A shovel pass to Marquardt
gained 17 up the middle before he was tackled by Chris Meyers. Another rushing attempt by Marquardt was stopped by Robbie Heflin after a gain of 2. A screen pass to Marquardt was extremely well defended by Paul Hoffer as the Rebels lost a couple. Kevin Potas recorded yet another sack on the next play to force the Champlin Park punting unit onto the field.

Wayzata started their next drive with the football on their own 27 yard line. Englehardt dover over the middle to gain 4 yards. Kevin Knight made a substantial second effort to gain another Trojan 1st down. Chris Kroeten broke off another great run to gain another Trojan 1st down up to the Rebel 42 yard line. Englehardt carried the football to this left and around the end for 18 yards to bring Wayzata to the Rebel 24 yard line. Kevin Knight gained a couple up the middle to make it 2nd and 8. John Ries fell on the ball after a mishandled snap to gain 1 yard to make it 3rd and 7 at the Rebel 21. A pass attempt from Ries to Doe fell incomplete to make it 4th and 7. Ries through a ball over the middle to Ryan Macgregor who picked up the 1st down and proceeded to fumble the ball–the Rebels fell on it at their own 3 yard line.

Duncan took a keeper up the middle to run out the clock on the first half.


The Trojans took over on their 20 yard line as Kroeten picked up a yard on their first carry. A pass attempt from Ries to Rock fell incomplete to make it 3rd and 9. Knight gained 7 yards to bring out the Trojan punting unit. Champlin Park took over and tried a pass over the middle that was smothered
by Grant Olson. Olson also tackled Marquardt after a rushing pickup of 2 yards. A throw down the field fell incomplete.

Champlin punted to Daryl Brown who returned the ball to the Rebel 20 yard line, but had the return called back to the Trojan 48 yard line. Ries and company took the field. A dash by Knight, and a scamper by Englehardt brought the ball to the Rebel 3 yard line. Kroeten carried the ball right through the heart of the Champlin Park defensive line to score the football touchdown. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 21-0 with 7:47 left in the 3rd quarter.

Champlin Park started their next offensive drive at the Rebel 15 yard line. Duncan on a keeper to the right gained a yard and was brought down Carl West. A Duncan pass attempt bounced off of his intended receivers hands and into AJ Tarpley’s hands–Tarpley returned the football to the Rebel 4 yard line. Ries handed off to Englehardt to score the easy touchdown within 58 seconds of their previous touchdown. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 28-0 with 6:49 as Wayzata began to run away with the game.

Champlin Park started at their own 35 yard line. Duncan was sacked for a 4
yard loss by a swarming Trojan defense. A pass attempt on 2nd down fell
incomplete, and Duncan was sacked by Kevin Potas, his 2nd of the night and 16th of the season. Champlin Park punted it to Wayzata.

The Trojans started at the 50 yard line as Kevin Knight slashed up the middle for a gain of 9 yards. A handoff to Kroeten gained nine easy yards, and the very next play Chris Kroeten broke off a 41 yard touchdown run. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 35-0 in favor of Wayzata with 4:36 remaining in the 3rd quarter.

The Rebels started at their own 34 yard line as Duncan handed off to
Marquardt who picked up 12 yards. Marquardt broke off a couple more on his
next carry, and Duncan gained another 12 yards for Rebel first down at the
Trojan 39 yard line. After a facemask penalty, Champlin started again with a
1st and 10 at the Trojan 26 yard line. A Duncan keeper picked up a first
down. A handoff to Marquardt gained a another Rebel 1st down. A Duncan
keeper up the middle gained 9 yards and a touchdown. The Rebels went for the
2 point conversion as Duncan again kept the ball. The score made it Wayzata
35, Champlin Park 8 with :46 seconds left in the 3rd quarter.

Wayzata started with the football on their own 20 yard line. Chris Lindsey gained 11 yards to bring the ball to the 31. Lindsey gained a bunch more on his next attempt. A third consecutive attempt by Lindsey gained another Trojan 1st. Mac Cameron gained 2 yards up the middle. Cameron tried the left side again for 3 yards. A personal foul stopped the drive, and the Trojans punted the ball away.

The Rebels started with a 1st and 10 at their own 37 yard. A Duncan keeper
gained a yard. Kevin Potas sacked Duncan on the next play, to make it 3rd and 12. The next play, Potas and Grant Olson sacked Duncan again to bring on the Rebel punting unit.

Kramer Berg and the Trojans took over on the Rebel 29 yard line. Berg handed off to Chris Lindsay for a nice 5 yard gain. Berg handed off to Mac Cameron for a 5 yard gain. Aaron Roth picked up 7 yards to bring the football to the 12 yard line. Berg handed off to Jack Vettel gain a couple more. Lindsey gained a couple more to bring the ball to the 6 yard line. Lindsey
tried up the middle to bring the football to the 3 yard line. Chris Lindsey scored on a 4th and goal, and Stranghoener had the extra point blocked. That made the score Wayzata 41, Champlin Park 8.

Champlin Park return man Van Voorhis was destroyed by Cody Lewis at the Rebel 22 yard line. Marquardt carried for a yard and was tackled by Sean Nonhoff. Duncan ran up the middle and was tackled by Max Baker. Darrien Hill carried the ball to the end zone from the 41 yard line to score the touchdown. After the extra point, it was Wayzata 41, Champlin Park 15 with 1:14 left in the 4th quarter.

Dan Wexler stepped under center for the Trojans and handed off to Jack Vettel who gained 3 yards. Another handoff and carry to Roth gained 5 yards to make it 3rd and 3 on the Trojan 27 yard line. Vettel ran to his left for a gain of 3 yards as the clock expired.


The unofficial attendance was 56,871.

W-Knight 1 run (Stranghoener kick)
W-Knight 1 run (Stranghoener kick)
[no scoring]
W-Kroeten 2 run (Stranghoener kick)
W-Engelhardt 4 run (Stranghoener kick)
W-Kroeten 41 run (Stranghoener kick)
CP-Duncan 9 run (Duncan run)
W-Lindsey 3 run (kick blocked)
CP -Hill 41 run (McKeehen kick)

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