WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: #2 Trojans (8-0) beat Edina Hornets (5-3) 16-10 to go unbeaten in the regular season and win Classic Lake Conference

The Wayzata Trojans football team defeated a pesky Anders Lee and the Edina Hornets team tonight to clinch the Classic Lake Conference Championship and go undefeated in the regular season with a record of 8-0. Strong performances by John Ries, Matt Tarpley, Chris Meyers, Daryl Brown and Garrett Englehardt, and the entire Wayzata Trojan defense lifted the Trojans above the Hornets with just minutes left in the game.



Edina started the game from their 37 yard line. Anders Lee picked up a couple yards on the first play. A swing pass to the left picked up 3 more, and a Trojan penalty gave the Hornets a first and 10 at their own 48 yard line. Lee’s pass to Stephen Asp was defended by Robbie Heflin who was called for pass interferance, getting their just a hair early. The Hornets were know at their 37, and Lee picked up 7 yards on a quarteback keeper to make it 2nd and 3 from the Wayzata 31 yard line. Edina came out in a trips to the right formation, and got a delay of game penalty to make it 2nd and 8. Lee on the keeper was brought down by John Connelly after a gain of 2 yards. Pressure by the Wayzata defensive line forced Lee to throw it away. A screen pass to the Hornets running back was well defended by AJ Tarpley to take over on downs.

Wayzata started with a quick pass from John Ries to Matt Tarpley for a 4 yard gain. A handoff to Kevin Knight picked up a bunch of yards to bring Wayzata to the Hornet 43. Chris Kroeten dove to the left for a gain of 7 yards to make it 2nd and 3. Garrett Englehardt ran to the right for two yards to make it 3rd and 1 on the Edina 34. Kevin Knight got no gain to bring up a 4th down. Chris Kroeten followed his blocking back to the right for a Trojan First Down on the Edina 24 yard line. A play action pass to Ryan Macgregor down the right sideline gained 10 yards and a first down at the Hornet 15 yard line. John Ries threw a bullet to Fritz Rock on a slant pattern for 12 yards as the Trojans crept ever closer to the end zone. A hand off from Ries to Chris Kroeten lost 1 yard. Garrett Englehardt also was stopped for no gain to bring up 3rd down on the Edina 4 yard line. A pass to Grant Olson was defended well to bring up 4th down. David Stranghoener kicked a field goal to make it 3-0 Wayzata with 3:37 left in the first quarter.

Chris Lindsey stuck a Hornet kick returner from their own 15 yard line. An Anders Lee keeper was met by AJ Tarpley for a 1 yard loss. Kevin Potas corralled Lee after a host of Trojans forced him out of the pocket to bring up 3rd and 10. Lee’s pass to a Hornet receiver picked up 19 yards with Paul Hoffer on the coverage. Tobi Okuyemi stuffed an Edina run for no gain. A prayer by by Lee to Joey Herring was cought for 35 yards to bring the Hornets to the Wayzata 27 yard line. Kevin Potas sacked Anders Lee for a loss of 10 yards to make it 2nd and 20. A Lee pass attempt to the left sailed out of bounds.


A field goal attempt by Edina on 4th down fell short.

Wayzata took over on downs at their own 20 yard line. A John Ries pass to Matt Tarpley gained 7 yards to make it 2nd and 3. A Ries handoff to Englehardt picked up a couple of yards to make it 3rd and 1. A quarterback sneak by John Ries was enough for a Trojan 1st down. A shoestring catch by Chris Kroeten was negated by a Wayzata holding penalty. A pass attempt by Ries was tipped at the line of scrimedge to bring up 2nd and 28 yards. A swing pass to Fritz Rock gained 7 yards. A long strike to Cameron Krugerud fell incomplete to bring on Mac Cameron and Trojan punting unit.

Edina took over on their own 47 yard line. Lee started in the shotgun formation and missed John Eppel. A Lee keeper picked up 4 yards, he was brought down by a host of Trojans. Lees next pass also missed the mark and was well defended by Grant Olson. A Hornet false start ensured that the punting unit would kick it away.

Darryl Brown brought it out 5 yards to the 20 yard line. Garrett Englehardt scampered to the left for an 80 yard touchdown, only to have it called back on a holding penalty. It brought up 1st and 12 from the Trojan 17. A Tarpley pass to Adan Hassan gained 3 yards. A Tarpley pass to Nolan Odland fell incomplete. An end around by Englehardt gained a yard, to bring out the Trojan punting unit. Ryan Macgregor punted it to Edina’s Anders Lee for 40 yards with no return.

Edina started their next series from their own 37 yard line. An attempt by Lee to one of his recievers was well defended by Jack Egan to make it 2nd and 10. A wide receiver screen to John Eppel gained 38 yards, and Paul Hoffer made a touchdown saving tackle. Anders Lee ran up the middle for another 10 yards. Lee handed off to Colin Moynihan for a gain of 5. Chris Meyers brought Moynihan down. Anders Lee was tackled by Myers and Grant Olson after a gain of 4 to bring up 3rd and inches at the Wayzata 4 yard line. A fake handoff and keeper by Lee was stuffed by a host of Trojans for a loss of 1 to bring up 4th and 1. John Eppel attempted 27 yard field goal for the Hornets and made it. Wayzata 3, Edina 3 with 4:07 left in the 2nd Quarter.

The Trojans tried a pass for no gain. Grant Olson picked up a 1st down. A Garrett Englehardt rush was for no gain. A Ries attempt to Nolan Odland fell incomplete. The Trojan punting unit came onto the field and Ryan Macgregor sailed one to the 35 yard line.

An Anders Lee pass attempt was intercepted at about the 45 yard line by Chris Meyers and returned to the house for the Trojans first Touchdown of the evening. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 10-3 Wayzata with 2:37 left in the game.

Edina started from their own 11 yard line. A 3 yard pickup by Lee brought up 2nd and 7 yards. Another Lee pass attempt fell incomplete. A Lee keeper picked up 3 yards. Edina punted the ball away to AJ Troup, who brought it out to the Wayzata 47 yard line.

Garret Englehardt took a handoff from Ries for a gain of 3. John Ries flipped the ball to Matt Tarpley for 6 yards to make it 3rd and 2. Ries, under pressure, threw the ball away to make it 4th and 2 on the Hornet 45. Kevin Knight was turned away on 4th.

Lee’s pass attempt fell incomplete. A heave by Lee down the field brought the ball to the to the Trojan 25 yard line. With 15.4 left on the the 1st half clock, Lee was persued heavily by the Trojan defensive line, and forced to throw it away. A screen pass attempt to Colin Moynihan fell incomplete with 2.5 seconds left. A field goal attempt by John Eppel was blocked as time expired on the first half.


The Trojans started at their own 21 yard line. Kroeten gained 4 yards on the first play of the second half with a run. Garrett Englehardt picked up a couple more to make it 3rd and 4. A Ries pass attempt to Fritz Rock fell incomplete. A short punt by Ryan Macgregor gave the Hornets great field position.

Edina started on the Trojans 36 yard line. Moynihan was tackled by John Connelly. Another rush by Moynihan was stopped for a 1 yard loss by Grant Olson to bring up 3rd and 6. Anders Lee scramble to the left side and was pushed out of bounds by Kevin Potas to make it 4th and 4 at the Trojan 30. A double screen to Anders Lee picked up 17 yards and a Hornet 1st down. Lee kept the ball and ran to the 4 yard line and was tackled by John Connelly to make it 2nd and 3. A host of Trojans stopped Lee on another keeper. Lee dashed into the end zone for a touchdown, and John Eppel added the extra point to make it 10-10 with 7:10 left in the 3rd quarter.

Wayzata started it’s next drive on the Trojan 20 yard line. A rushing attempt netted no yards, and a follow up pass from Ries to Adan Hassan fell incomplete. Edina’s Zach Budish sacked Ries on the Wayzata 10 yard line to make it 4th down.

The Hornets started their next drive. Lee tried another keeper and was tackled by Connelly. A deep toss down the field was overthrown to make it 3rd and 6. Lee’s next pass was well defended again by Connelly to make it 4th and 6 at the 38 yard line. Eppel punted the ball to the Trojan 3 yard line.


Englehardt carried the ball for a gain of 7 yards to kick off the Trojan drive from their own 3. He then bit off another bunch of yards for a 1st down. Chris Kroeten ran aroun d defenders to pick up 5 yards to make it 2nd and 5. He tried the left side for a gain of 3. Garrett Englehardt played some smash mouth football to pick up a difficult 1st down and keep the chains moving. Kroeten was stopped after a gain of 3 yards. A Ries attempt down the field to Odland fell incomplete. Another attempt to Fritz Rock in the flat gained 19 yards to give the Trojans 1st and 10 at the Wayzata 47 yard line. Kroeten was stopped for a small loss on the next rushing attempt. Garrett Englehardt cut back to his right to pick up 14 yards on the next play and a new set of downs. Kroeten gained 10 yards to his right as scampered up the sideline for another Trojan 1st down. Englehardt tried to go up the middle and was met by the Hornet defensive line. Kroeten tried the right side again and earned a couple of yards. Kroeten was tripped up to make it 4th and 3 on the Hornet 24 yard line. A Ries pass to Chris Lindsey coming out of the backfield gained the necessary yardage for a Trojan first down. Englehardt tried up the middle for no gain. A Ries pass to Matt Tarpley along the left sideline gained 9 yards and left the Trojans with 3rd and 1 on the Edina 12. Kroeten fumbled the ball on the half yard line and Edina fell on it.

Edina started at their half yard line. Lee had a keeper for a couple yards. Another Lee keeper made it 3rd and 1 on the Hornet 9 yard line. Another Lee keeper picked up a Hornet 1st down. An Anders Lee pass attempt bounced off Grant Olson. On third down, AJ Tarpley stuck Lee for no gain to bring up 4th down. The Edina punt rolled to the Wayzata 47 yard line.

Ries and company started at their own 47 yard line. A handoff to Englehardt lost 2 yards. Another Englehardt carry picked up 1o yards to make it 3rd and 2. A handoff from Ries to Kroeten to the right picked up 2 and a half yards and a Trojan 1st down. A Ries screen pass to Adan Hassan picked up 3 yards. Englehardt bruised his way to another Wayzata first down at the Edina 32 yard line. Englehardt’s 2nd consecutive carry brought the Trojans to the Edina 27 yard line. With just a couple minutes remaining, and Wayzata driving, it was all tied up at 10-10. Ries had a great play with a a naked bootleg for a 7 yard gain to crack the Edina red zone with a 1st down. Englehardt smashed his way behind his offensive line for 8 yards. Another hand off to Englehardt from Ries brought the Trojans to the Hornet 1 yard line with 1:30 left. Coach Anderson again entrusted the ball to Englehardt, who dove over the goal line to score the touchdown. Stranghoener’s extra point attempt was blocked to make it 16-10 with 1:18 remaining in the 4th quarter.

Edina started at their own 32 yard line. Lee dropped back from the shotgun formation and threw it into the arms of Trojan Daryl Brown for the interception to seal the game for Wayzata.

Ries and Co. took a collective knee to end the game. Trojans remain unbeaten in the regular season, and are Classic Lake Conference Champs.

W- Stranghoener 22 FG
E- Eppel 27 FG
W – Myers 41 interception return (Stranghoener kick)
E – Lee 4 run (Eppel kick)
E – Engelhardt 2 run (kick blocked)

Head Coach Brad Anderson had this to say after the game, “We knew this was a big game for a couple or reasons. One, the number one seed in our section, that’s a very important thing to have because it gives you a day off. While everyone else is playing next Tuesday we get to rest up and get a day off. And we also know we get to play at home throughout our sections. Both those things were huge as far as motivation. The other one is that we believe our Conference Championship means something, we start off the season talking about a conference championship to beat all 4 of the other teams in our Conference.”

Wayzata quarterback John Ries had this to say, “…that last drive, you can see it tonight. We have drive, we have motivation, we know we are a good team, we just have to execute.” Asked about a critical completion to Matt Tarpley, Ries had this to say, “We were developing that the previous plays. We were handing off, handing off, and then I just booted out and almost fell on my face, but I made a good play, it came through, and we got a first down…”

Chris Meyers talked about his 3rd interception returned for a touchdown in two weeks, “We got a lot of pressure from the [defensive line] and [Anders Lee] through it right to me, and had the sideline to go down the field.”

Daryl Brown talked about the interception late in the fourth quarter to seal the game, and what it meant to him and his team, “It means a lot to me. The guys on the sideline kept telling me, you are going to get it, going to get it. I just went with that!”

Stay tuned to Wayzata.com for a full media report on Wayzata’s win over Edina.


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