WAYZATA FOOTBALL 2008: Trojans destroy Hopkins Royals 54-20

The #2 Metro Ranked Wayzata Trojans traveled to Hopkins tonight and beat Royals and their high flying attack soundly. The defensive line had a number of sacks (8?) behind the strong play of Tobi Okuyemi, Kevin Potas, and Carl West. Daryl Brown (pictured left) returned a punt for 50 yards to break the game wide open for Wayzata in the second quarter.

Highlights of the game included:

Matt Tarpley’s 36 yard scamper for a TD. Daryl Brown’s 50 yard punt return, a long John Ries pass to Cecil Doe for a touchdown, and many more. Hopkins left in the offensive starters against Wayzata’s second string defense to make the game look a lot closer than it really was. Hopkins played without their star quarterback Sean Borman.


Wayzata won the coin toss, and kicked off to Hopkins who started at their own 24 yard line. The Wayzata defensive unit was very anxious to start the game, with two offside penalties on Hopkins first drive. Marcus Williams for Hopkins used his speed to make a nice run. Wayzata’s Tobi Okuyemi created a sack and Hopkins Royals. The next play the Royals used a screen pass to pick up some substantial yardage, and a third offside penalty gave Hopkins a first down in Wayzata territory. The Trojans applied some pressure to almost create another turnover. Chris Meyers made a huge sack on QB Charlie Hacker to make it 3rd and 27. Wayzata picked up another offside penalty to make it 3rd and 22. Kevin Potus applied some big time pressure to knock the ball down and force the Hopkins punt.

The Trojans took over on their own 15 yard line to start their first drive. Garrett Englehardt dove over the right side for a nice 6 yard pickup, and followed it up with a counter for another 8 yards. Two pass attempts by John Ries were unsuccessful, and on a 3rd and 10 a pass to Cecil Doe lost yardage. The Trojans punted.

Hopkins started at the Trojan 44 yard line, and Trojan lineman Carl West sacked Hacker again. The Royals went back to the screen to make it 3rd and 10, and ended up having to punt it away again.

Wayzata started deep in their own territory on the Trojan 10, and Chris Kroeten picked up 6 yards on a dive. Englehardt picked up 3 yards on a run as well. Kroeten picked up a first down as the Trojans went back to the run. Wayzata was only able to 5 or 6 offensive plays in the first.


Wayzata QB John Ries tried to get the ball to Cecil Doe to no avail. Chris Kroeten busted off 19 yards, and then Garrett Englehardt scampered back to his left for 45 huge yards to the Royals 12 yard line. He followed it up with some smash mouth football for 8 yards to bring it to the 4. With the Trojans threatening, the went back to Englehardt to get into the end zone. The extra point attempt was block by Royal Alex Powell to make it 6-0 Wayzata with 10:38 left in the second quarter.

The Royals started at their own 22 yard line. A Hopkins run picked up 1 yard. The next play Hacker’s pass bounced out of Williams hands and through Robbie Heflin’s in a valiant attempt. Facing 3rd and 9, the Royal picked up a false start. Kevin Potas sacked Hacker to make it 4th and 19 as Hopkins punted away.

Daryl Brown picked up a one hop punt and the Royal’s Logan Hanson tackled him to the ground by the face mask. After the penalty, Wayzata started at the Hopkins 36 yard line. An pass attempt to Fritz Rock on Matt Tarpley’s left was slightly overthrown. Tarpley made up for it on the next play as he sat in the pocket and took off down the field for a 36 yard touchdown by diving over the pylon. David Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 13-0 Wayzata with 8:39 remaining in the second quarter.

Paul Hoffer defended Hopkins first pass attempt in man to man coverage. A Royal run was greeted with a host of Trojans for no gain. Grant Olson came from the left side to sack Hacker for Wayzata’s 5th sack of the game to make it 4th and 21. Hopkins punted the ball and…

Daryl Brown took the ball on the punt at the 50 yard line, picked up a great block from AJ Tarpley and took the ball down the sideline for the score. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 20-0 Wayzata with 6:49 left in the second.

Alex Powell took the kick-off return up his left side line for 75 yards to score. The Royals two point conversion attempt fell short to make it 20-6 with the Trojans in the lead with 6:37 left in the 2nd quarter.

A short Royals kick to Mac Cameron was brought out to the Wayzata 42 yard line. The very next play John Ries dropped back and heaved a long pass to Cecil Doe who went up and took the ball away from two Royal defenders, and dragged a couple more into the end zone. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 27-6 with 6:20 left in the second. It was the third touchdown in as many plays and during 29 seconds.

Hopkins started at their own 25 yard line and ran it to their left to pick up 7 yards. Hacker dropped back on a wide receiver screen and Trojan defender Chris Meyers stayed home, jumped up in the air, caught the interception, and took off for the corner of the end zone; he was pushed out of bounds at the Royals 3 yard line.

Kevin Knight picked up a yard on a dive to Wayzata’s left. The second run by the Trojan offense had Chris Kroeten pushing his way to the goal line behind his offensive line to score the touchdown. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it Wayzata 34, Hopkins 6 with 4:42 left in the 2nd.

Hacker and the Royals started at their own 30 yard line. Wayzata picked up their 5th off sides penalty to make it 1st and 5. Carl West and a host of Trojans recorded their 6th sack of the evening to make it 2nd and long. A Hopkins false start made it 2nd and even longer. Tobi Okuyemi applied pressure to hurry Hopkins QB Hacker on an incomplete pass. Coach Lombardi had to be going crazy as Wayzata was off side again. A Royals snap off of Hacker’s face mask brought out the punt team. Daryl Brown fielded the ball and was tackled immediately at the Trojan 47 yard line.

Wayzata took a time out with 2:46 left in the half to talk it over. Kevin Knight burst out the back field to pick up 8 yards. Ries was pressured and threw the ball away on the next play to bring up 3rd and 2. A screen to Kroeten for just shy of 2 yards picked up a Trojan first down. A great pass from John Ries to Adan Hassan picked up a bunch of yards. Ries through it away on the next play to prevent the sack, and a jump ball for Cecil Doe on the next play was well defended. A deep slant to Fritz Rock was unsuccessful, bringing up a 4th down. Coach Anderson went for it, and another Ries jump ball was intercepted by Paul Jones in the end zone and brought out to the Royals 8 yard line. It was actually beneficial as Hopkins started with their backs to the wall with just under a minute left in the half.

Hacker and the Royals picked up a first down by throwing into the left flat. A long attempt to the right was well defended. A screen pass fell away harmlessly as Carl West stayed home. The Trojans picked up another off side penalty to give the Royals a 1st down. A heave down the field by Hacker was well defended by Paul Hoffer. Montez Wilkerson caught a pass in the left flat to pick up some nice yardage. Robbie Heflin defended a well thrown ball from Hacker into the end zone as the clock expired to make it Wayzata 34, Hopkins 6 at half time.


Wayzata started the 3rd quarter at their own 38 yard line. Chris Kroeten pick up a couple yards, and on the next play a wide open Nolan Odlund ran down the right side of the field to catch a long pass. Another Ries attempt to Adan Hassan into the end zone fell incomplete. Kroeten scampered for 10 yards to pick up the first and goal at the Royal 8 yard line. A couple of Trojan runs, and a dive into the end zone by Englehardt capped another scoring drive for the Trojans. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 41-6 in favor of Wayzata with 8:07 left in the 3rd quarter.

Hopkins started at their own 32 and picked up a couple of yards with some running plays. Wayzata’s defense held, and forced the Royals to punt.

Wayzata started at their own 29 yard line. Ries‘ pass attempt to the left was batted down. Garrett Englehardt had two huge runs for a bunch of yards to bring it to the Hopkins 40 yard line. Chris Kroeten ran hard for another 9 yards to keep Wayzata moving. Chris Lindsey put the snow tires on to bring it to the Hopkins 14 yard line. A little flip play to the tight end as Ryan Macgregor headed towards the corner of the end zone created an easy score for the Wayzata Trojans. Stranghoener added the extra point to make it 48-6, the Trojans over the Royals with 2:47 left in the 3rd.

Hopkins started deep in their own end zone, and a stout Wayzata defense kept Hopkins from moving forward. They punted after a series of downs in which Wayzata recorded it’s 7th sack of the evening.

The Trojans took over at their own 49 yard line. Chris Lindsey picked up 8 hard earned runs as Kramer Berg came in at the quarterback position. Mac Cameron busted a 35 yard scamper into the end zone. Stranghoener missed the extra point to make it 54-6 with 21 seconds left in the 3rd. Hopkins appeared to be giving up.


Hopkins started at about their 20 yard line against Wayzata’s second string defense, and immediately began to have a little bit of success with the run. Tra Carter batted down a ball thrown by Charlie Hacker. Bryant Stanifer picked up 25 yards to bring it to the Wayzata 10 yard line. Stanifer cut back to his right for 10 yards for a Hopkins touchdown. Scott Lee added the extra point to make it 54-13 in favor of the Trojans.

Wayzata began their next drive at their own 32, with Kramer Berg at quarterback. Cameron ran for no gain. A second attempt netted 3 yards. Chris Lindsey was stopped for no gain on the right side of the line for a run. The Trojans punted.

A streaker dashed across the field apparently to break the monotony of the game.

Hopkins made a couple of nice plays until Hunter Stemmer stuff a Royals rushing attempt. Jack Reynolds scored yet another sack for the Trojans, perhaps the 8th of the game. A wide receiver screen to Forster Max score a touch down for Hopkins who apparently was still leaving the first string offense in the game. They obviously were playing to save face by leaving in their starters against Wayzata’s second and third teams.

The Trojans started their next series at the 36 yard line with Dan Wexler at quarterback. Aaron Roth busted out a run for a bunch of yard to keep the clock running with under a minute left. A couple of other runs and it was final.

A convincing win for the Trojans against Hopkins for the Battle of Ridgedale.

Head Coach Brad Anderson reflected on the win after the game:

“That’s a good team over there, they weren’t at full strength. I think at playoff time with all their guys back, they are going to be dangerous. On the same note, defensively we played well all night long. Offensively, we sputtered, but boy when we had big plays they resulted in scores. We did it both running and passing. I felt very good about our performance tonight.

Kevin Potus, Tobi Okuyemi and Crazy Carl West [made it possible so that we] didn’t have to blitz a lot of guys to get pressure with those three. We blitzed some, but not a lot. We knew against that type of speed and those receivers and that we didn’t want to be leaving them out there one on one a lot. We got a lot of pressure with those guys and it made a big difference.”

Daryl Brown described his punt return for a touchdown and the massive block AJ Tarpley set for him that sprung:

“Every game Coach tells me, don’t think, just catch the ball and make the score–and that’s what I did. AJ [Tarpley] talks to me every day in school and he says follow that train. I saw him, and just went off…”

[no scoring]
W – Engelhardt 4 run (kick blocked)
W – Tarpley 36 run (Stranghoener kick)
W – Brown 52 punt return (Stranghoener kick)
H – Powell 91 kickoff reutrn (Lee kick)
W – Doe 58 pass from Ries (Stranghoener kick)
W – Kroeten 3 run (Stranghoener kick)
W – Engelhardt 3 run (Stranghoener kick)
W – Macgregor 14 pass from Ries (Stranghoener kick)
W – Cameron 35 run (kick blocked)
H – Stanifer 10 run (Lee kick)
H – Forster 66 pass from Hacker (Lee kick)

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