Wayzata’s train will not sound horn

The Wayzata Bay Window, the Official Newsletter of the City of Wayzata is reporting that the City of Wayzata is nearing the final stages of implementing a Quiet Zone for trains traveling through town. The City has requested that the railroad discontinue blowing the train horns between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. for the comfort of it residents. “The trains will continue to blow their horns during the day, for safety reasons,” said City Engineer Mike Kelly. With more people in town during the day, the City Council felt that visitors and residents should be reminded to look and listen for trains. That’s great news if you are a resident of Wayzata and live near the train tracks.

There has been some input from citizens that they would have preferred to have the Quite Zone be 9 p.m. in case families have young children. I would have like to have seen it be quite regardless of the time as is the case on Crosby Road in Minnetonka. Still, it is grand improvement over the 11:00 at night whistle blowing and 6 in the moring wake up call from the train rumbling by.

The article goes on to say that the City of Wayzata has been working on the Quite Zone for over two years. Construction on a safe crossing at Arlington will occur, a 21 day waiting period will happen, and then Wayzata residents can sleep in peace.

Train image courtesy of Wayzata Bay Window.

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