Wayzata Football Steam Rolls Rochester Century 42-0

Wayzata Football wins big over Rochester Century 42-0.

Century’s Blade Faust fights off a Wayzata tackle for a short gain during their game Friday night at Century High School. Scott Jacobson/Post-Bulletin

This 42-0 victory was not surprise to the Wayzata fan base. Keep in mind that the Classic Lake Conference was created in the mid 90’s in a major desertion from the Lake Conference. Other teams in the area have been cool to the idea of joining the Classic Lake in recent years. As a result, Wayzata and the other 4 schools that make up the conference have to play a number of non-conference games against sometimes unworthy or unevenly matched oppornents. Rochester Century just got run over by a steamroller in Wayzata. Watch for it to happen again as the play Minneapolis North later in the season.

For the local article from the Rochester news bulletin, visit this page:


I did not make the trip to Rochester, but will get more info for the Wayzata faithful shortly. Stay tuned to Wayzata.com for all the Trojans news.

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