Ask Dan! – Who responds for police and fire protection in Woodland?

Hi Dan,

I need to write some insurance for a person who lives in WOODLAND, I think this is near Wayzata. I need to know who responds….for burglar/fire protection….I was looking at your website… how can I find this out, who to call?

Jane Johnson

Hi Jane,

According to the website for the City of Woodland, the Deephaven Police Department provides service and protection to Woodland. Additionally, the Wayzata Fire Department has been providing fire protection to Woodland for over 44 years. You can call:

Wayzata Fire Chief, Kevin Klapprich – (952) 404-5337
Woodland City Clerk, Shelley Souers – (952) 474-4755
Deephaven/Woodland Police Chief, Virgil Gustafson – (952) 474-7555
for more information. Hope this answers your question. Thanks for tuning in for another episode of Ask Dan!

Kind regards,


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