Crimer Alert – Theft from Vehicles

The Wayzata Police Department has taken several theft from vehicle reports in the past two weeks. Areas targeted have been the Wayzata Yacht Club, Meridian Manor, and Woodhill Country Club. These have occurred during daytime hours. Windows have frequently been broken in when the suspects see valuables in plain view in the passenger compartments.

We are working on potential suspects in this case. They do not appear to be from the area. It appears there are as many as three groups who are active and working the entire metro area. Shortly after many of the thefts, credit cards are used at gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores and mass merchants. We are seeing them used in areas such as Golden Valley, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Blaine, Coon Rapids, etc. This is a metro-wide issue. One of these groups is notorious for Sunday morning thefts to include church parking lots. Suspects in these groups are both white and black and male and female.

We can protect ourselves by not leaving anything of value in plain view inside our vehicles. Please report any suspicious activity to the Wayzata Police Department immediately by dialing 911. You may reference this alert to the police dispatcher. Feel free to forward this alert to anyone you think may benefit from it.

Chief Mike Risvold

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