MNDot Highway 12 Update

If you commute on Highway 12 east or west from any part of Wayzata you can’t ignore the one lane of traffic in each direction that has caused havoc and been the lead story for traffic reports for about the last month. It does appear at this time that MNDot is making significant progress on Highway 12, as the old concrete road that has been horrendous for years has been repaired, textured, and is now in the process of of having new asphalt placed over top.

It truly is an inconvenience to those of us who drive in and out of Wayzata on a daily basis. I personally have been taking alternate routes depending on where I am head–County Road 6 to Gleason Lake Road when I need something on the north side of town and Minnetonka Boulevard to Bushaway when headed to something on the south side of town. As has been reported by MNDot’s press release below, the resurfacing should be completed by the end of August. Stay tuned to to find out “What’s going on in Wayzata.”

From “Work continues on Highway 12, through Wayzata. The project consists of concrete rehab, bituminous overlay, median barriers, lighting, traffic management devices, repair of drainage systems, and bridge repair at Gleason Lake Road.

Access to Highway 12 will be periodically restricted along the corridor from Wayzata Blvd. to I-494. Most restrictions should last “a couple days.” The County Road 101 South(Gleason Lake Rd.) loop will be closed for 12 days. Detours will be marked.

Phase 1 of the project will result in one lane of traffic in each direction from July 7th through August 15th. Phase 2 of the project will result in two lanes of traffic in each direction from August 16th through September 15th. During phase 2 of the project, the contractor, as necessary, may reduce traffic to one lane in each direction during non-peak hours. These traffic configurations will be in place 24 hours per day, seven days per week.”

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