Twiggs Salon

Twiggs Salon, what a wonderful experience! My Mom and I were searching for a great place to get our hair colored and cut. I met Amy Jo at Whole Foods she was really nice! She gave a couple of discount cards to me so we could try the salon out. My Mom’s appointment was first, she called me afterwards, and had so much to say, the service was wonderful, they treated her like a queen, her hair color was terrific, and the hair cut WOW the first great cut and style in years! She will be a life time customer at Twiggs, she tells everyone about her great experienced at the salon. Well needless to say that I quickly made my hair appointment after speaking to my mom. I was nervous, as I always am to try a new place, but I was greeted as I walked in the door with a cheery smile, offered a beverage while I was waiting, and sat in the most comfortable purple chair. Amy Jo came and introduced herself in a very professional manner, we talked about the options for my hair, she was so kind and made me feel comfortable trusting her with my hair. We chatted while she applied the color, then her assistant washed my hair placed a warm towel that smelled like heaven over my eyes, offered me a complimentary neck massage, which included my hands, then a hot wax treatment for my hands, my Mom was right this place is awesome!!! To finish the day off Amy Jo cut and styled my hair, she did a great job, I have never been so pleased about going to get my hair done. My sisters ask my Mom and I if it was worth the money. We both reply YES! it is worth every penny to have a great job done, to feel like a queen, and have absolutely wonderful looking hair! I recommend Twiggs Salon, my Mom and I are life time customers from here on out! Thank you Twiggs for a magical experience…

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