2008 Wells Fargo Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Results

The 20th Annual Wells Fargo Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon took place on Sunday, May 4th. Kevin O’Connor was the first place finisher with a time of 1:17:13. Kate Tavakley was the first woman across the finish line at 1:30:39.

It was a beautiful day to run from Wayzata to Excelsior. It of course, started in the parking lot of Wells Fargo in Wayzata. The course goes down Superior Boulevard, down Lake Street, along Ferndale, takes a jog at Shoreline Dr, heads out along Fox Street. From there it continues to Old Crystal Bay Road, to North Shore Drive, to Manitou and then head into Excelsior.

Reports from the event indicate racetime temperatures were 45 degrees at the start, and 50 degrees at the finish, with winds about 10 – 15 mph.
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Image courtesy http://harmerphotos.blogspot.com & Todd Rowe.

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