Road Construction in Wayzata

Watch out for Road Construction in Wayzata! It’s true what they say about Minnesota–There are only two seasons: Winter, and Road Construction. Since it’s road construction season, keep your eyes peeled for some very big projects. The biggest is the continued work on the west side of town as Highway 12 is rerouted around Long Lake. If you haven’t seen it, take a drive past County Road 6 where it meets 12 and be prepared for some big time changes!

According to the Bay Window, another project in Wayzata is scheduled maintenance to Highway 12 from 494 to Wayzata Boulevard. MN/DOT will be conducting repairs to all those potholes that seem to get worse every year. Expect lane closures, shifting and delays.

City of Wayzata plans also include rebuilding Ferndale Road West, and a new access in front of US Bank on Wayzata Boulevard for better visibility.

Questions about the local projects can be directed to Mike Kelley, City Engineer at 952-404-5316.

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