Cargill Posts Another Impressive Quarter

Is it just me or does Cargill of Wayzata report another record breaking quarter every quarter? It is an impressive organization, as it seems a lot of businesses and people out there are just trying to hang on during this so called rough economic time. When you read the press releases it sounds like a broken record. “Cargill increased profitability by 86% for the quarter ending…” That means Cargill is doing 86% better than it did in the last period.

Thing is, they seem to do that for every measured period recently. If that holds true for consecutive quarters that means Cargill is doing over twice as good as it did the year before, and year over year. The productivity and profitability are both impressive and staggering when considered over longer periods of time. According to a Star Tribune article dated April 15, 2008, Cargill made $471,611 an hour, and 11.3 million per day. A substantial amount of the profit is from record lows for commodities and record high demand for milk, eggs, meat, and grain.

Is anyone aware of a time when Cargill was on hard times? If so, email me at wayzata at as the Wayzata community would love some insider info.

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