Capanile Added Back to Wayzata Bay Center Development Plans

In a move that could shatter all building height restriction in Wayzata, The Wayzata Bay Development Company reintroduced an observation tower of 155 feet that if approved would shatter all building height regulations that have been in place for some time within the City of Wayzata. What is amazing is that the Lakeshore Weekly News reported this yesterday, and at the same time there was a letter to the editor condemning the new tower height, as though the tower had been common knowledge. When did the tower get reintroduced?

In a Star Trib article dated April 2, it highlighted the major aspects of the plan. Within that article there was absolutely no mention of a tower, and so it seems to be shocking that at first the community, Humphrey, and his jolly band of decision makers were discussing approval of a project over 4 stories and up to 5 stories. This revelation makes me concerned not so much with the height of the buildings from my own personal perspective, but rather how the community will respond to structure that is 5 times taller than the 30 foot height restrictions that have been on the books.

We must also consider the fact that the tower is a red herring, in so far as now Presbyterian Homes is asking for 155 feet, the council could reject, but approve what is considered now a substantially lower height at 4 stories. Perhaps it is all a slight of hand. Stay tuned, will keep you up to date with all the happenings and developments.

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