Steamboat Minnehaha Prepares for 2008 Summer Season on Lake Minnetonka

The historical Minnehaha Steamboat Crew is preparing for the 2008 summer season on the lake–if spring ever does arrive in Minnesota. According to Adam Steinmetz, the Minnehaha has a new schedule this year: the first part of the trip leaves Excelsior in the morning, and heads to the Wayzata Depot. Passengers from Excelsior then have some time to have lunch, shop and stroll and a 2nd group of passengers departs from Wayzata for the Wayzata Bay 1 hour tour. Upon return, the 2nd group of passengers gets off the boat and Excelsior passengers board her and head back to Excelsior. Then later in the day there is a Big Island tour as well as a separate Gideon’s & Lafayette Bay tour.

For the full schedule, please visit the link below:

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