Retail versus Development

Seems like all we read about in the Weekly News is about how bad the retail environment in Wayzata continues to be. The other thing that seems to dominate headlines is redevelopment projects from the 5 Swans / Old Bank Building, to the Wayzata Bay Center and the gas station owned by Dean Vlahos and a partner that now stands in the way.

Everywhere you go in Wayzata the dirt and shovels seem to be flying. The new strip mall on top of the hill on Wayzata Boulevard at the old Burger King location appears to be nearing completion. The new developments on Lake Street and Manitoba. Is retail giving way to service and money management throughout Wayzata? It seems like it. Don’t take my word for it though, I’d like your opinion as to what the heck is going on.

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Wayzata Restaurants

Email Dan at to express your views as to the so called progress that seems to occuring through the community. Like it? Don’t like it? Think there is no way the Bay Center Development should be five stories? Don’t care? We need to know.


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