Historic Wayzata Theater marquee gets some fresh paint

Workers are shown here applying paint and replacing light bulbs on the Wayzata Marquee, an art deco replica sign located in the 600 block of Lake Street in downtown Wayzata, and designed to look like the original marquee.

A Cinematic Legacy, and landmark in the community

In 1932, the Wayzata Theater opened its doors in Wayzata, a charming town by Lake Minnetonka. The inaugural screening featured “The Tenderfoot,” a Western film that marked the beginning of a beloved local tradition. Lyle Carisch and Raymond Lee, the owners, poured their hearts into the theater, making it a cherished family-run establishment.

With its art deco architecture and a neon-lit marquee, the Wayzata Theater quickly became a local landmark. For over five decades, it brought joy and entertainment to the community. It was a place for first dates, family outings, and shared experiences.

The Wayzata Marquee photographed at night. Daniel Gustafson.

As time passed, the theater adapted to changing times while preserving its nostalgic charm. However, in 1985, the final curtain fell on the Wayzata Theater. Its closure left a void in the community’s heart, as it was a symbol of tradition and continuity.

The Carisch building was rebuilt, and a replica marquee used on the facade of the building in order to honor the storied and historic theater.

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