What style of docks should Wayzata have?

Council rejects traditional wood dock design, existing Broadway docks may be replaced in Phase II of Panoway

Much debate has occurred in recent months and years as Wayzata residents mourn the loss of charm in the community in favor of increased development and density.

At a Tuesday Workshop meeting on October 25th, the Wayzata City Council directed City Staff to solicit bids which could potentially replace and expand the existing docks on Wayzata’s lakefront with less traditional steel pilings and floating docks.

Wayzata and Lake Minnetonka have long standing histories and cultures of utilizing wood piling fixed docks. This style of dock is viewed by many as aesthetically pleasing–in other words charming.

For those that don’t know, workshops are viewed by municipalities as ways for a Council to discuss lengthy or controversial topics less formally than a City Council meeting.

Critics of the municipal workshop format argue the public isn’t allowed to comment on workshop topics, no votes are taken even though decisions tend to be made prior to public debate, and the meetings are not broadcast/recorded resulting in less transparency and community oversight than a regular council meeting.

The practical result of the decision is that the Broadway Docks in front of CoV and the Panoway Plaza may not exist in the near future, replaced by more modern docks and a higher number of slips over the winter. A final decision will be made at a Council meeting in the coming months.

Several factors impacted the decision, including limits on the depth of wood pilings, maintenance, cost advantages for steel pilings and ADA compliance. The packet acknowledged that steel is “aesthetically less of a fit in Wayzata.

Four different dock options were presented at the Council Workshop on Tuesday, October 25th, 2022. Image courtesy City of Wayzata.

The City is also beginning to ramp up for construction of the Boardwalk by soliciting bids, reviewing budgets and the like. The full agenda packet is below.

Stay tuned to Wayzata.com for more information on Phase II of Panoway of Wayzata Bay. What do you think? Email dan@wayzata.com to share your views.

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