State Officials Urge Caution As Vehicle Breaks Through Wayzata Bay Ice

A vehicle went through the ice on Lake Minnetonka’s Wayzata Bay as authorities are urge caution on Minnesota lakes.

Deputies with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office were stationed near the Wayzata Sailing building Tuesday Jan. 5.

Investigators said the driver and passenger made it out of the vehicle safely.

Courtesy: Nancy Hardy Murphy
Authorities indicate the ice was two to four inches thick where the vehicle broke through about 300 yards from the shore.
Mara McElroy posted the following account of what happened on social media.
“This morning I decided to take my car out on the lake to show my friend from out of town a view from the lake of Wayzata Bay. About 10 minutes after I got on, we came up on a soft strip of ice and broke through. It took a matter of 10 minutes for the whole thing to completely submerge and then it went away for good.”

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources issued the following statement:
“Ice conditions vary widely on lakes across Minnesota, and on individual lakes themselves. The DNR is aware of multiple reports from across the state of vehicles falling through thin ice in recent days. It’s imperative anyone heading onto the ice check its thickness for themselves, and do so frequently because conditions can change quickly.”
“For more information on ice safety, including recommended thicknesses for various activities, see the DNR ice safety page.”

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