Wayzata Neighborhood Garden: Residents Transform Unkept Area, Seek Watering Options

The city of Wayzata is full of gardens that come in all shapes and sizes. But there is one that is tended by two residents and shared by the entire neighborhood.

Circle Drive neighbors Bill Berneking & Diane Silikowski
It’s located on Circle Drive on the eastside of town on the other side of Hotel Landing.

“The Circle Drive Triangle Neighborhood garden is the inspiration, dedication, and hard work of Diane Silikowski,” said neighbor Bill Berneking. “Diane has collected, dug, and planted, dozens of plants – extras from friends and neighbors’ gardens and rescues from the lots of tear-down houses.”

The small piece of land is owned by the City of Wayzata.

Until several years ago the triangle was an unkempt space of weeds, dandelions, and fallen tree branches, mowed now and then by the city.

Berneking, who lives across the street and calls himself Silikowsk’s assistant, planted
three flowering peach trees many years ago to go with the several hackberrys planted by the city.
“I like to garden but need direction,” said Berneking who has lived in the neighborhood since 1968.

When Silikowski moved into the neighborhood a few years ago she saw a project.

“It’s a labor of love,” said Silikowski.

It did not take her long to transform the space and attract the interest and
support of neighbors. Hostas, ferns, and lilies are accented by a variety of
shade-loving flowers including Igularia, hydrangea, phlox, primrose, ginger, and astilbe.
“The unique hostas were donated by Billy at hostachoice.com, said Silikowski. “His residence is literally a hosta farm, with over 1,200 varieties of hostas that even the tier one nurseries like Dundee and Tonkadale don’t sell.”

Berneking has a yard full of wildflowers and has moved many to the triangle. Springtime blooms include hepatica, bloodroot, bellwort, wood anemone, mayapple, columbine, Canada anemone, and even a trillium or two.

In addition to plant donations, neighbors have hauled wood chips from the city, contributed some annuals for color, added a couple of benches, and donated some solar lights.

“We have donations from many neighbors,” said Silikowski.

Now, they all enjoy a pleasant woodland garden and Silikowski and Berneking enjoy seeing the walkers stop and pause for respite.
Right now, water is carried by hand to the neighborhood garden.

Although Berneking and Silikowski enjoy the project, they are seeking a little assistance from local officials.

“We’re hoping the City of Wayzata will help us water it,” added Silikowski.

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