$10M For Wayzata Lake Effect Not In Failed Senate Bonding Bill

On Sunday, the Minnesota Senate failed to pass a $998 million bonding bill –  SF 3463.

There were 38 senators who voted in favor of the bill and 29 that voted against it.

It failed to get the three-fifths super majority needed to pass.

The bill did not contain $10 million asked by the City of Wayzata for the Lake Effect (Panoway) Project.

Sen. David Osmek represents Wayzata and spoke Sunday while SF 3463 was being discussed.

After another senator questioned why projects for his area were not in the bill, Osmek addressed the Senate.

Osmek stated that two of his district’s projects – one for Wayzata (Lake Effect) and one for Orono – were also not in the bill.

He stated that, with budget constraints, not every project in every district could make the cut.

On Saturday, HF 2529 was voted down on the House floor, 75-58, and did not get the required super majority (three-fifths) vote to move it to the Senate.

This bill also did not have the Wayzata Lake Effect (Panoway) Project ask.

There is a strong possibility of a special session later this year where both chambers of the legislature will likely take up more COVID-19 legislation and could bring back bonding bill discussions.

“Normally they would do bonding every two years so under normal circumstances the city would have to wait two years, but these are not normal times,” said Noah Rouen, President of the Rouen Group. “There is a chance the new legislature will want to use a bonding bill as an economic stimulus if the economy stalls. That is a long shot though. The bottom line is it 4th and long and we need a Minneapolis Miracle play to see Wayzata get the money this year.”

Courtesy Lake Effect Conservancy/City of Wayzata

Back in October, Wayzata city officials hosted the Minnesota Senate Capital Investment Committee to educate them on the importance of a boardwalk and ecological restoration along the shoreline of Lake Minnetonka as a part of Phase II.

In January, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz recommended a $10 million for a grant to the City of Wayzata.

The money is a part of a $300 million proposed investment in water quality and infrastructure projects which is part of the 2020 bonding bill.

Panoway (Lake Effect) Project Phase II includes the restoration of the Section Foreman House, building a boardwalk along the lakefront, and restoring the Lake Minnetonka shoreline.

Panoway (Lake Effect) Project Phase I is already underway – reconstructing Lake Street from Barry Avenue to Broadway Avenue, creating a multi-use park, and extending the Dakota Rail Regional Trail.

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