Meridian Manor Residents in Wayzata Transported To Other Facilities Due To COVID-19 has learned that Meridian Manor residents are being transported away from the facility.

Meridian Manor, Wayzata/Submitted Photo

One woman, whose father lives at the facility, said that some of the residents were being taken to the hospital while others are going to another care facility.

She said that the residents who tested positive for COVID-19 are the ones taken to the hospital.

North Memorial ambulances could be seen outside of Meridian Manor.

Meridian Manor describes itself as an assisted living senior community.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, 40 residents were moved to other facilities after residents and staff became ill this week with COVID-19.

The main reason reason the residents were moved is because the majority of staff are ill and unable to care for residents.

If you have information about this developing story, please email obtained an email sent to family members of residents:

Subject: Meridian Manor Update 4.18.20

To our faithful supporters,
Today’s daily update is heartbreaking but not unexpected.  We’ve been desperate to get answers about our residents and their exposure to COVID.  Screening is the best way to protect. We are glad that we are finally getting the answers and knowledge we need to protect everyone.  
We are receiving lab results from this week’s testing in batches.  So far we know that 5 of 21 have tested positive for COVID.  We have notified all residents and called all families and responsible parties to personally notify each family of the results. We are still awaiting test results on an additional 8 screenings.
Since word of Meridian Manor’s first positive case, our practice has been to strive for early detection and to seek hospitalization so that residents can receive the medical evaluation and treatment required to aid in recovery.  In continuation with this practice, we are partnering with emergency services to ensure all 5 residents with positive results are transported to the hospital.  We must also emphasize that the test results only reflect one’s status as of Thursday April, 16.  Due to the potential for exposure and unpredictable nature of this relentless virus, we must still take precautions knowing the risk remains. 
We have resumed use of the Skytron 22 UVC disinfecting robot to sanitize individual resident apartments and hope to disinfect all occupied and unoccupied apartments in the next 4-6 days.
I am deeply saddened to share that on Friday, one of our beloved residents passed away due to complications with COVID.  My heart goes out to the family, friends, fellow residents, and team members that are grieving this loss.  This is a terrible reminder of the cruelty of this virus.

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