City Hall Remodel Project Moving Forward Amid Higher Than Anticipated Bids

At Tuesday’s Wayzata City Council meeting, city staff recommended authorizing RJM Construction to award the bids and approve the proposal with Henricksen for the City Hall remodel project.

Jan. 7, 2020 City Council Meeting (Courtesy WCTV)
In 2019, the city identified approximately $318,000 in the Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) for the project.

RJM Construction is the project manager for the project.
The bids RJM received totaled more than $518,000.
City Hall would make up most of the cost of the remodel at an approximate price of $334,000. 
Police, motor vehicles and furniture comprise the balance of the total.
According to the city, the overall goals of the project were to create additional work spaces for employees, improve visibility and safety and increased efficiency for DMV and city hall lobbies.
Current market conditions contributed to why the bids received were $200,000 more than anticipated.
City staff stated that the $200,000 gap could be reduced by value engineering ($50,000) and the General Fund Capital Improvements Plan ($150,000).

The city council motioned to have staff authorize RJM to award bids and approve the contract with Henricksen by removing any new office furniture from the project that can be delayed without adding future costs and a reduction of construction management fees based on an updated project.

A phased construction plan would begin in February and finish in April.
The city hall front office and police department would be a part of the first phase.
The second phase would include motor vehicles and back offices.

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