Wayzata.com: A Commitment To Journalism Excellence

Happy New Year,

My name is Nate Leding and my hometown is Wayzata.

I spent two decades as a journalist working throughout the country behind the scenes in television news. I obtained my Masters in Journalism from the University of Minnesota.

My wife and I met in kindergarten at Widsten Elementary in Wayzata. We have a 12-year-old daughter.

I am thrilled to be writing for Wayzata.com and covering the news in my hometown.

I believe every community deserves great journalism and that’s what Wayzata.com is all about.

We want to cover the news that matters to this community.

Our mission is to create a more informed public by collecting and distributing high-quality news and information.

We hold those who serve and influence this community to a high standard.

We also hold ourselves to a high standard and expect excellence in journalism based on honest, fair and ethical reporting.

If you have a news tip, letter to the editor or would like to see something covered – email me at nate@wayzata.com.

Here’s to a great 2020!


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