Taking Dog Grooming On The Road

As far back as Molly Engler can remember, she’s always wanted to work with pets. A love for animals at a young age developed into a career. 
Molly Engler and furry friend
She has owned Metro Pets & More, a dog walking and pet sitting company, for more than 10 years.
From Dog Walking To Dog Grooming
“I started Metro Pets & More, a professional dog walking and pet sitting business,” said Engler.  “I started that business because I wanted to offer people the convenience of coming to their home and walking their dogs while they are at work.”
Now, Engler is launching Wash My Paws, a mobile dog grooming service providing professional grooming in your driveway.
“After many years of doing this business, I decided that I wanted to branch out and start a mobile dog grooming salon.”
The idea is similar to the dog walking service – visit the customer’s dog while the customer is away at work.
“By the time you come home, you have a nice clean dog.”
Crowdfunding The Business
Engler is using a unique way to raise capital and launch her business. She has a campaign through Kickstarter.com.
Kickstarter uses crowdfunding to launch businesses. Typically, people who back Kickstarter projects are offered rewards or experiences for pledges.
Engler’s first campaign goal is to raise $10,000. That will pay for a deposit on the truck used for dog grooming.  
At last check, 38 backers have pledged $4,321. The campaign goes through Dec. 9.
Wash My Paws offers backers such things as grooming tips, future dog grooming services, etc.
Lake Minnetonka Market
Engler lives and works in the Lake Minnetonka area. It’s naturally her initial target market.
“This summer, I spent quite a bit of time at different events such as Excelsior Farmers Market and James J. Hill Days showcasing my business,” said Engler. “The response was nothing but positive.”
If you haven’t noticed, people who live in Wayzata and nearby communities love their dogs. 
This fact isn’t lost on Engler and it’s a part of her strategy.
“My first mobile grooming truck will be launched in the Lake Minnetonka area.”
Engler’s Kickstarter project is all-or-nothing funding. Nobody who pledges will be charged if the project doesn’t hit its funding goal.
We’ll know by Dec. 10 if Engler can raise the capital to make this business a reality. 
Kickstarter says that of the projects that have reached 60% of the funding goal, 98% were successfully funded.
“The future is bright, so we’re prepared to go where the dogs and people need us.”

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